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Blue for Autism Awareness April

This month, all month is dedicated to Autism Awareness which is the nail world means blue manicures! I won’t be taking part in a month long blue fest as I have so many polishes waiting to be tried on my desk but here is a specially dedicated manicure in support of those who have autism in their life.

AutismAwareness4For this mani I used A LOT of polishes, so lets see if I can remember them all. Firstly, I started with a base of OPI Girls Love Diamonds which I was already wearing from my mega swatching session (find out more about this polish and others from the MLB Fashion Plate collection HERE) – this is a great shimmery white so a lovely base for nail art. I made a gradient on my ring finger using OPI Girls Love Diamonds, OPI Just Groovy and Tara’s Talons Bauble (which I got as part of my Christmas Calendar). Whilst that was drying I layered up a few coats of Tara’s Talons The Lab which is a custom polish I had made inspired by the TV Series Bones – it is a blue base packed with silver, grey, and white glitter and some skulls (I excluded them from this mani though), find out more about this polish and customs HERE. Finally, on my Index finger I painted two coats of Dragon Glass Polish Blue Glass which sadly is no longer available but was inspired by Breaking Bad and made up of micro blue slices, silver holo glitter and larger white glitter. If you’re interested in other UK Indie polishes inspired by Breaking Bad why not check out the ones made by Kerrie from Quirk HERE. While all of that was drying I went back to my ring finger and using a smallish nail art brush I added my ribbon in Color Club Total Mystery which is a shimmery glass fleck mix of purple and blue.





So there you have it! I hope you liked this mani and I hope you will take some time to find out more about the cause HERE.

I want to give a special shout out to Tara’s Talons AKA The Tara Emporium which is currently celebrating its first birthday! Congratulations! 10149487_10151961592520950_519235365_n


2 comments on “Blue for Autism Awareness April

  1. Lisa N.
    April 1, 2014

    Great mani for such a great cause!

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