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Rainbow Series With Imagination In Colour: We also wear pink on fridays

PinkEmma and I may or may not have forgotten yesterday that it was Thursday and meant to be rainbow post day. Never fear though, we don’t usually forget these things forever. Keep an eye out for her pink post: coming up soon.  I am quite sad this is the last of our rainbow BUT we do have another series in the work and this time another UK blogger will be joining us for the weekly post. More on that next week! If I am honest I was feeling a little bit tapped out for ideas this week but half an hour on youtube looking at nail art tutorials and my brain started churning. I fetched down some pinks and some nail art supplies and had a play.

Pink2This was actually the second mani I did – the first one not quite coming together. I used OPI Kiss Me I’m Brazilian, Nails Inc South Molton Road and Maybelline Color Show Chalk Dust. Inspired by Robin Moses acrylic line work I used my fine detail brush from my painting kit and some basic black acrylic paint adding a diagonal french tip divide and painting on the hearts. I was also inspired by the stunning and always feminine manis of my lovely friend AJ from NailLacquerUK (go see her ridiculously cute rabbit mani!). They’re not perfect but I still liked them and hearts are just the perfect pairing with pink (in my opinion). Then I added some South Molton Street to my tips for contrast. I had some trouble with the OPI application today but I think it’s just because I was being impatient so overworked the coats a little bit.

Pink3I also made the mistake of using my Color Club Topcoat which happened to be to hand and dragging my line work but it’s far less noticeable in person, thankfully.
I have just noticed what a bad job I did of filing my nails post corner break – these things are always so much easier to see when you have paint on and a macro lens gazing down. I shall have to dig out my file and give it another go – any tips ladies??   If you’d like to see more pink posts then check out some of the links below:

There are some more pink posts – including some very early PMP posts out there if you’re still craving more pink but I think that’s enough to get you started. I quite like going through the blog to find older posts to share with you, it’s like a trip down memory lane… I also get to see the cycle of my nails going from short to long and back again. I am doing my best to avoid ever returning to complete nubbin-hood – I think this length suits me better (plus it’s much easier to paint longer nails neatly). I hope you’ve all had a good week – I don’t know where mine has gone! :O What’s your favourite pink?


4 comments on “Rainbow Series With Imagination In Colour: We also wear pink on fridays

  1. AJ NailLacqueruk
    April 11, 2014

    Ooo thank you for the mention!!! Lovely to see pink on your nails and the beautiful nail art! I don’t have a favourite pink- I love any pink polish! 😀

  2. Lisa N.
    April 11, 2014

    Very cute pink mani!

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