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Guest Post: Denise’s Potions & Lotions

Happy weekend readers! I thought you might like to read about some interesting thoughts on nail pamper products and asked my favourite guru for some tips! I’ve added a few of my thoughts on the products to the lovely post Denise put together. 

Hi Ya PMP readers I’m Denise aka @deespolishednails on IG and I’ve been asked by the lovely Charlie to write a post on what treatments I use on my nails so I thought I would share with you what I rate and what hasn’t worked for me

Nail EnvyFirst up is OPI Nail Envy as you can tell this bottle is pretty much empty, I love Nail Envy as it makes a excellent base coat and the results are amazing but I found after a couple of months of using it stopped working for me.

Rejuvacote (2)Next Treatment is Duri Rejuvacote. I LOVE this stuff it has a really nice cooling effect on the nail and in a matter of weeks it stopped my nails peeling like an onion & strengthened them. I know some people have experienced burning while using Duri so if you have sensitive or damaged nails I suggest starting off with Rejuvacote 2. Charlie – this left a burning feeling on my ring finger which was very uncomfortable but it did stop as soon as removed. I haven’t tried R2 yet. 

Bliss KissThe first cuticle oil I’m going to talk about is Bliss Kiss, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers and people on Instagram raving abut bliss kiss so I order some, I have to admit I’m not wowed by this dry oil, its sinks in quickly and smells nice but I think if you suffer from dry cuticles a heavier oil like CND solar oil would be a better option also including the cost of shipping from America bliss kiss is pricey. Charlie – this is another product I have tried, it does sink in quick and hydrates but I personally don’t think it is a super special product and as Denise says I think I need a more heavy duty product for my cuticle dryness. 

Lush lemony flutterThe next cuticle product is Lush Lemony flutter, Apologises for the state of my tub, my cat Toby has a fight with it. I apply this thickly at night and allow it to sink in. It’s quite a greasy product so I prefer to use it at night and use oil during the day. Charlie – Lasts a long time and I don’t NOT like this product although I am not a huge fan of the scent. 

AvoplexThe last cuticle product I’m going to show you is OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment. This has AHA’s in it and I find that it helps to remove those dry bits of skin that no amount of oil will help.

Endless GloveNow I’m going to show you my 2 of my favourite hand creams. First up is Soap & Glory Endless Glove. I love this cream, it’s not as thick as Hand Food but I find it moistures my skin brilliantly, doesn’t leave my hands feeling slimy and smells gorgeous.

My other favourite hand cream is L’Occitane Hand Cream. I love this cream in nearly all the scents (not a fan of the lavender, honey or original). It sinks in easily, smells amazing and I find that after using it I’m not reapply constantly through out the day.

Thanks again to the lovely Charlie for letting me loose on her blog and please comment and let me know what lotions and potions you use yourself xx


3 comments on “Guest Post: Denise’s Potions & Lotions

  1. Lisa N.
    April 12, 2014

    Nice post on this!

  2. Liz Krusenstjerna
    April 13, 2014

    I love posts like this and never tire of reading them!

    I’m currently using a blend of jojoba, squalane, and carrot seed oils with a few drops of vitamin E added that I made myself. I apply a half dozen drops or so when my hands and nails are still wet after washing and rub it as my hands dry to make the most of the emollience and hydration. I’ll also apply a drop to each nail right after a manicure to set the polish, it works really well!

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