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NNR: Products I love

I have recently remembered my addiction to youtube haul, favourites and empties videos; as I sat watching such vlogs this evening I wondered how many empties were sat in my bathroom and which products I really used and loved. So today on PMP I am going to do a little bit of a different post and share a few not nail related products and my thoughts. I have divided them up into product categories to try and make things a little more organised. P.S. sorry for the crazy bottle shots but they’re a little bigger than the products I am used to snapping and it through me off…

NNRBlog HAIR :  First up is the Elvive Full Restore Leave in Conditioner Spray which I have only just started using on my ends but smells lovely and is really light weight and non-greasy. As someone who dyes their hair, blow dries and is constantly tying it up, pulling it into messy buns etc this is a must have product to help with my damaged ends. I know, I know, I am not very good at caring for my locks (which are medium length and somewhere between brunette and red at the moment). Baptiste Dry Shampoo in Wild I am not a massive lover of dry shampoo, if I am honest, as a lot leave residue and makes your hair feel a bit crappy BUT of the ones I have tried this is really nice. It smells good, works in quickly and leaves my hair refreshed and manageable… so thumbs up! Finally we have Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo which is a mega deep cleaner, I have the greasy hair formula – it is really good at clearing product build up and leaves hair feeling clean and clear. I do use a conditioner on my lengths after using this because they are so damaged but if you’re in good condition then you’ll probably be fine with this satisfying lathery tea tree goodness. This is a more expensive high street product at over £6 a bottle but a little does go a long way.


Body: Long before I was into nails I was a complete product whore and showering was my true love (ask anyone who has lived with me)… shower addict. ANYWAY, choosing products for this category was tricky but I did eventually narrow it down to products I have repurchased A LOT. Soap&Glory Scrub ‘Em And Leave ‘Em Body Buff  – I love this smell, I love the texture, this little travel pot is just all things good. I find it ex-foliates well without being too harsh on skin and did I mention it smells really good? I don’t know why I only ever buy the travel size pot but there we go. Possibly something to do with girl logic. Mitchums Advanced Control (unscented) there was a massive conversation about the best deodorant and antiperspirant products on All Things Nails and this product came up top of the crop – I gave it a go and have to say it really does work. If I am having a day where I am running around a lot I do occasionally combine this with a SURE spray   but most of the time this bad boy is all I need. Bloody marvellous stuff. Finally, Palmolive Naturals Nourishing Delight Milk and Honey I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. Smells so damn good. I go through bottles and bottles. I do occasionally use other products for a change of pace but always end up back at this one. It lathers well and has a luxury creamy texture, AND it is normally about £1 a go with so many offers around. I really wish they made a body lotion in this scent.

NNRBlog3Skin Care: by which I mean facial skin care. I bought the Garnier Pure Exfo-Brusher Wash Oil Control on a whim because I was bored with standard facial washers and exfoliators. I actually really like the product as you can see it clearing any makeup residue (there is a surprising amount even after I have scrubbed with a face wipe) and leaves skin feeling refreshed. I think this product could be drying on someone with dry skin so just combine with your favourite moisturiser! Sometimes I put a different cleanser on the brush if I am having a dry day but for the most part this is my go to face scrubber. I have a tiny sample bottle of Clarins Beauty Oil in Lotus which is meant for oily skin and I have had this product for a good couple of months and there is still loads left. I know, oil on oily skin… doesn’t seem logical but this is a really nice overnight treatment which you apply to wet skin (just a tiny amount) and I find my skin is less oily in the morning and feels soft. It also has a nice clean scent. Would I buy full size? Maybe… It’s not cheap but you don’t need a lot.. hmmm.. I don’t know… maybe 😛 depends how many new OPIs are being released that month. Do go and ask at your local Clarin’s counter for a sample, they had loads last time I was there and it’s a great way to test out a premium product. My go to emergency spot product is Neutrogena Visibly Clear Rapid Clear Treatment – I have tried quite a few of these products in the past with mixed results but I find this one definitely reduces redness, soreness and spot size – especially when left overnight.

NNRBlog4Beauty: Ok so this could probably have had its own dedicated blog post but I did manage to pick three products I have been using this month (one of which is a long time staple). I am a sweet scent kind of gal and ever since it was released I have loved the bright and fruity scent of SJP NYC I also totally love the packaging of this perfume (which lives in my handbag for the occasional spritz). It is a scent which wears really well too and usually once I’ve got some on I am set for the day. Another handbag dweller is Philosophy Sugar Sprinkles Lipgloss – until very recently I haven’t really been a lip product girl but this was gifted to me and I really like it. It has a sweet vanilla smell and tastes ok too, it is a little sticky but isn’t too overwhelming and adds a lovely shine. Finally we have Maybelline Dream Pure BB 6 in 1 BB Cream which I have been loving lately as a lightweight alternative to foundation. Normally I do prefer a higher coverage but in the spring sunshine I love how it feels like you’re just wearing a nice moisturiser but you’re still a little bit covered and not naked! This wears fairly well although I do add a powder over mine sometimes as it can be a little dewy on my combo skin.

What are your favourite products at the moment? Anything I should try?

7 comments on “NNR: Products I love

  1. Kittykam
    April 20, 2014

    I’ve been thinking about doing a similar post lately 😛 hah. I’ve been loving L’oreal glamshine stain, my new favourite lip product. I might have to splurge on a YSL glossy stain (whch they’re apparently a dupe of), since they have more wearable colours, and i only like two of the L’oreal ones. Haul videos etc are ridiculously good aren’t they?! Where did the clarins oil sample come from? Sounds like something i should try! xx

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      April 20, 2014

      I got mine from the Clarin’s counter in boots, just asked if they had a sample. They had samples of everything hidden away in their little cupboard was like a cave of mini wonders!!! I would love to see a post like this from you 😀

  2. Lisa N.
    April 21, 2014

    They all sound and look great.

  3. Annabel
    April 21, 2014

    Yeah it’s a great tip to go and get samples from counters. All of the high end brands do it. I walked away from a Clarins counter and a Clinique counter with enough samples of most skincare items that lasted me a few months! Just by going in and being nice to the girls and being interested in the products. I did go back and buy some of the clarins stuff and the girl remembered me which was nice. That was a year ago and the face cream is still going strong! I love it. The other thing they made me realise is that if you put oil on oily skin it really does control the oil! It’s so weird.

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      April 21, 2014

      hehe Clarins magic!! I really want to try some of their other products although I always worry they might be a bit heavy for my twenty-something combo skin as they seem marketed as older ladies. Any recommendations?

  4. Lou
    April 21, 2014

    I use Clarins oil. It is awesome. You can also mix it in with any creams you might want to apply, so a couple of times I week I mix it with a night cream. And I wake up with soft, gorgeous skin. Worth every penny, had mine since Xmas, and I’m about a third of the way through the bottle. And if you can wait until bonus time, BINGO!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      April 21, 2014

      Is it bad I might go back for another sample bottle? I really use very little of it…

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