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Keep Haulin’, Haulin’, Haulin’


This is my nail mail for the week! I have to say it has been a bit of a bumper week and some of this was delayed by the Easter weekend, this isn’t the norm (as nice as it is!). So, what are you looking at?

1) 6 Moyra Polishes: I bought two from the holographic range (Orion and Aquarius), two bright purples (56 and 87), a dark blue sand effect (Isis) and a blue glassfleck from the glamour collection (807) – Moyra UK were running an offer on their facebook page of 6 for £15 and I couldn’t resist. I have actually swatched all of these polishes and they’re all gorgeous with great application. A few will be turning up on the blog over the next few weeks I am sure!

Haul4 Haul5

Haul22) 4 OPIs: Duo-chromey pinky orangey glass fleck (Wing It) I can’t wait to try out some stain glass nail art with this, or just seeing what it looks like layered over different thigns, Black with silver fine shimmer (Baby It’s Coal Outside), Red crelly (Vodka and Caviar), burgundy colour (Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ, Black Label). I picked these up on a nail sale and I am super excited as I have wanted a couple of these for a while. V&C is very dupable but I know it is a personal favourite of a lot of OPI addicts so I had to have it; ditto Mrs O which is quite similar to Skyfall, it is a black label meaning it is from before OPI switched to a 3 Free formula.

3) 3 Stamping Plates from MoYou: As I mentioned in Friday’s post I picked up three plates this week which I am super excited about. I bought Suki 07 which is a full image plate of a Geisha and dragon, Professional Xl 01 which is a great basics plate with dots and strips and Artist 04 which is another full image plate with some really cool abstract sections (I am not sure what the artwork is based on, possibly a painting called The Kiss? Does anyone know?).

Haul34) 2 Quirk Customs: I will be telling you all about these this week but they were made just for me by the talented Kerrie and are inspired by The Good Wife.

5) 1 Urban Outfitters Beaded Polish: This was send to me in a care package by a truly lovely human being and is a really cool polish on the nail – it looks like micro caviar beads but applies just like a glitter polish. It is light purple and white and I am sure will be featuring somewhere in a mani soon.

Nail Mail really kept me going this week – I have been in bed feeling poorly for most of it although I am only this weekend feeling well enough to play with any of my new goodies.


8 comments on “Keep Haulin’, Haulin’, Haulin’

  1. Sarah@PennyPinchinPolish
    April 27, 2014

    oooh, so jealous! I bought the same 2 moyra holo’s – can’t wait to try them out. I was very tempted by the glamour shades as well, but that’ll have to be for another order 😀 xxx

  2. Lisa N.
    April 27, 2014

    Some nice stuff you picked up!

  3. Lou
    April 27, 2014

    Nice haul. I believe the MoYou plate is a homage to Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’, it looks bloody gorgeous and I look forward to seeing what you do with it 🙂

  4. Emma
    April 27, 2014

    😮 Charlie!! Those blues look stunning!! 😀 You will have to blog them now 😀 😀 fantastic haul, I’m jelly welly 🙂 xxxx

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