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C is for: Cary

CarySuper special edition of the AtoZ series for you today! I am so excited 😀 We’re on week three which means we’re on C. Don’t forget to check out the HUB page for A, B from all of the bloggers involved!

Cary is a custom Quirk inspired by The Good Wife and made just for me by the talented Kerrie. Inspired by the young and ambitious Cary Argos (who is my favourite eye candy in the series), the polish is a lovely medium blue packed with white squares, small white hex and turquoise holo dust! This polish is utterly packed with glitter and as such does have a chunk formula BUT it applies fairly evenly and it also dries fast (I think there might be some neon pigment in this because it was record quick at drying!). I used two coats of Cary and two coats of top coat to smooth the finish and bring out the sparkle (which so amazing in person, I wish  I had some sunshine to photograph this in but alas it was raining out).



This is just the perfect blue and I am pleased to report there was no staining through my normal base coat – I do recommend using basecoat with any highly pigmented polishes espeically blues, teals and greens as you will end up smurf fingers. I hope that if you click on the pictures and look closely you can see those turquoise holo sparkles (I apologise about clean up failz!). Now I didn’t do any nail art for you today but I do have something else for you… ANOTHER POLISH!

A is for Alicia. Kerrie made me a second polish for my custom collection (more are being developed) and this is inspired by the main character of The Good Wife, Alicia Florrick. She’s feminine, chic and works hard as both a mother and a lawyer but she has a lot of hidden depths. The ladies fashion in this show is amazing – some of the suits are to die for! Inspired by all of this I asked Kerrie for a creamy base, some pink glitter and some gold glitter and this is what she came up with …


Alicia2It has matte pink pastel hexes, holo pink hexes (just a few), gold holo dust and gold flakies all in a pale taupe base. I found with this forumla it worked better layered over a similar colour as the amount of glitter left the base a little streaky in places. I used OPI Did You Ear About Van Gough just to aid in the opacity and to keep the finish from being too chunky as I really wanted to show off the delicate and chic factor going on in this polish!


Alicia3I paired this polish with an accent of Moyra Orion which I got in my 6 for £15 haul. This polish is incredible, applies like butter and is super holo. The holo disappears momentarily when you apply topcoat but as the topcoat dries the holo comes back. AMAZING. I was a little sceptical as I am not as massive holo addict but I adore this polish, and I used it on my mum’s nails – she likes it too! This polish also stamps! Check out all the other polishes on offer here and make sure to let them know that Pocket Money Polishes sent you!

What about the Quirks? well I’ve spoken to Kerrie and both Alicia and Cary (with slightly adjusted formulas for extra good application) will be available to order on request 😀 You can also request your own custom polishes! All the details are available here! Kerrie did an amazing job and is obsessed with making sure you’re 100% happy with your polish. Oh and look how cute they are when they arrive:



Collaborating on customs just is so much fun once you get your vision clear in your mind and you’re in tune with the creator on the other side. It feels like this:

So what do you think? Do you love The Good Wife? What do you think of the polishes? Have you ever had indie customs? Let me know with a comment below!


7 comments on “C is for: Cary

  1. Dina Ramse
    May 1, 2014

    I love love love The Good Wife, been hooked on the show the last couple of weeks, and been watching a couple of episodes every day. Almost caught up with the show now.

    This is a really cool mani, I love your costume polish, oh and to have it inspired by Alicia Florrick, so awesome.
    Are you a Team Will or Team Mr.Florrick? I am totally cheering for her and Will. They are so cute together.

    I feel the same way about customs. I recently made a couple via the Nyall.com page, and waiting for them to get here 🙂 So Excited!!!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      May 1, 2014

      I think I am Team Alicia, I weirdly don’t love either man in her life very much. I think both guys bring out different good and bad points. I am only a few episodes away from the end of Season Five and can’t wait to see what twists and turns come up next.
      Can I be team Elsbeth and Ely? 😛 I love the characters in this series waaaaay too much – I think they’re all so well written! I was so excited to be able to come up with polishes with Kerrie for this series as I love it and I am glad you approve!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      May 1, 2014

      P.S. I hope your customs are fabby too!!

  2. Lisa N.
    May 1, 2014

    Both are nice!

  3. Kerrie
    May 2, 2014

    Thank you for a lovely review!

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