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Uh oh!

Uhoh2In two ways. So, this weekend my nails died… well… one of them jumped ship on me so they all had to go. Thus I return again to my nubbinhood. I do have a few things to post with my longer nails that I swatched up last week but aside from that we’re back to growing the nails back again.

I decided to try out a few untrieds – I got a MEGA haul last week… like MEGA. Insane amounts of polish. One of them was OPI Emotions which is a black textured polish with black glitters in which is all kinds of beautiful. I thought it was going to be nothing very special when it was first released so I didn’t get it, I am so glad I did get a chance to have this polish though. I used two coats for full coverage, it applies really evenly so thumbs up – as will all liquid sands it just gets better the more it dries. This had been on my nails for well over 16 hours now so I guess this is pretty much the final finish 😀


Uh Oh Roll Down Your Window is from the Touring America collection and is a great smokey kharki green with a slightly crelly formula. I used three thin coats but you might be ok in two coats if you apply in thicker coats. I picked this up in the sale section of TK Maxx in a bundle with two other OPIs for just £5 – BARGAIN. It’s all about the pretty/ugly colours with me at the moment.

I love alternative muted colours that are a little bit different but still manage to be chic and inoffensive. (Ok Mum, yes it is green and therefore never going to be something you like but trust me, this is a nice green!).


So coming up this week on PMP we have the AtoZ series (D this week!), a great guest post on Wednesday, really exciting swatches of the new collection from Pretty Quirky and on Friday another instalment of our newest feature Stephanie Says. It’s a pretty fully booked week on the blog and I hope you’ll enjoy it. I also hope that you had a great Mayday weekend; I was lucky to have my sister come back for a visit this weekend which was great, so sad to see her go again.


10 comments on “Uh oh!

  1. Oh, it sucks when that happens!

  2. Melissa
    May 5, 2014

    I love Emotions!

  3. Simply Into My NAILS
    May 5, 2014

    Gorgeous mani!

    I keep walking past Uh Oh! when I am in Sallys and TK Maxx but I think I may have to go back and pick this one up.

  4. Lisa N.
    May 5, 2014

    Those are some nice colors.

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