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D is for: Dragon

WEEK FOUR of the AtoZ Series is upon us – HUZZAH! Yes… I did just have to count that out on my fingers using my ABCs… shhh it’s nearly the weekend. Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s contributions to this series (including previous weeks) via the hub page!


I actually used four different ‘D’ polishes for this weeks mani but the star of the show is A England Dragon which is a lovely medium toned green with scattered holographic. Application on this polish is so easy – if you use thin coats (like me) you’ll need two coats for opacity but if you have a thicker application you might get away with one and it applies SO smoothly…. it is a dream to work with (aside from the lack of OPI pro wide brush… then it really would be perfect. Downside… this chipped on me VERY quickly. I managed to get one days worth of wear out of this mani before I had to take it off. When compared to my Uh Oh mani which I wore for four days and only just started getting tiny signs of wear on… not so impressed. But it is very pretty so if you’re a frequent polish changer anyway, maybe not such a big deal, just a bit of a bummer.

DragonFor my accent nail (which I did on both hands and have photographic proof for you sceptics) I started with a base of OPI Did You Ear About Van Gough (from the Holland collection, still available from various etailers) which is a taupe tinted cream colour. I pretty much only used this to add opacity in the end, I was going to use it for the base of a waterfall design but that just didn’t look right to me in the end to changed to these full stripes. The stripes are: A England Dragon, OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby and Zoya Daul (again some slightly older OPI/Zoya but both are still available from etailers so don’t worry!). I added these stripes free hand using a very fine brush – I think its a size ‘0’ acrylic brush which I have re-purposed from my actual painting brush stash because it got too worn out for that sort of art. I started with Deutsch which is a lovely molten orange metallic polish (2 coats for opacity and vividity….yes ok made up word). This polish is all kinds of sexy and is in my untried stash. I think this is a great toe colour for the summer but maybe more of an autumn colour when it comes to manis. I then added my Dragon stripes, followed by Daul. Daul is a sheer purple based polish packed with stunning golden shimmer…it’s glass fleck or micro flakies rather than a mica shimmer… This baby SPARKLES. I built up my stripes with a couple of layers and did my best to straighten any wobbles as I go. Just take your time!


As you can see the lines aren’t as well defined as on my non-dominant hand but to the naked eye the flaws aren’t as clear. I am very not ambidextrous but I do my best to prove I can do freehand nail art on both hands as much as possible because hey, most people don’t go out with mix matched hands… or maybe they do? Do you? There are ways to do straight line designs on both hands without freehand – decals, stamping, striping tape, all would work too.

Dragon3 I really liked the contrast between the finishes of the polish when the light hit the design – it kind of gave it texture… does that make sense? These colours make me think of brightly coloured medieval war banners or maybe a jesters stripey pantaloons? I dunno, I really enjoyed this mani which I wore out on a coffee date with Emma from Imagination In Colour. She is a really bad influence by the way – I spent a small fortune on clothes! We were really good though and didn’t buy any nail related stuff…. we don’t count the Barrym Matte White I bought because hey, white nail polish is an essential. I did talk her into trying red velvet cake for the first time (despite her diet) so I guess I did my bit of bad influencing too. Have you done anything nice this week? What do you think of the mani? Let me know with a comment below.



2 comments on “D is for: Dragon

  1. Lisa N.
    May 8, 2014

    Nice green and that accent nail is great too.

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