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OPI Muppet World Tour and Steady As She Rose

Worldtour3If you watched my youtube video yesterday you will have already seen this mani but I wanted to add some upclose and personal shots; for the people who didn’t see the video… what you playing at?! Click HERE for my top 20 OPI polishes… at the moment… subject to change…

This manicure only was able to happen because my lovely friend Emma loaned me her bottle of OPI Muppet World Tour. I cannot say how nice it is to have someone loan you a bottle of polish from their stash – that is serious trust right there AND it be pretty new. I have to say Emma is about the only person I would trust with MY OPIs because she understands that they are sacred and I would cry if anything happened to them…

To be honest though we both have pretty big collections and pretty small budgets these days so loaning each other polish is a really nice way to try out new things without it costing us a penny – plus, how often do you come close to finishing a 15ml bottle of polish (that isn’t black, white, top or base coat?!). It is nice when the babies come home – absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder.


I used two coats of Steady As She Rose from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection which is this lovely dusty pale cool toned rose colour. I swear the formula on this is getting better with age although I can now see a slight bald spot on my lil finger.

For my accent nail I simply added one coat of Muppets World Tour. This is a dense glitter! It is packed with small white and silver glitter as well as larger silver, blue and pink glitters. Really different from anything I have seen especially from a mainstream brand. This does dry textured and did take me two coats of topcoat to smooth but since HK Girl dries in seconds, it was no hassle. I wore this mani on both hands for as long as I could because I just felt so feminine and pretty with it. I think Mum got sick of me waving my hands in her face going “LOOKIT!”.


Removal is what you would expect and did require some soaking but my trusted basic boots remover did the trick in a minute or two. I would love to see Muppet World Tour over a bright colour like an orange – I think that would be great for summer. Can you believe I haven’t bought anything from the last three collections (Muppets, Glitters, Neons)? I feel bad. I really want a bottle of this to call my own now but are there any others you think I should get? I am really looking forward to the Coke Cola and Mustang collections coming up but even more gleeful about the Nordic Collection which is a strange mix of browns and brights… I do think it is very odd that no blues made the cut BUT we have had a lot of blues from OPI in the last few years… still want a baby blue because I missed out on What’s With The Cattitude or a new super pale mint would be fabby!! Talking of collections I am looking forward to – how cute are the Zoya Bubblys?!

Coming up tomorrow will be part one of a bumper spring/summer must haves edition of Stephanie Says so don’t forget to come back and check that out!


4 comments on “OPI Muppet World Tour and Steady As She Rose

  1. Lisa N.
    May 20, 2014

    That’s a pretty pink and it pairs well with that glittery accent nail too.

  2. bettysbeautybombs
    May 20, 2014

    Those look great together!

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