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Stephanie Says: Celebrity Summer Fashion Must Haves! (Part Two)

Hey all! Hope you’re having a good week! I’m going to get right into the post but here is PART ONE for anyone who missed it!

Trend 5: Maxed Out Maxi

Next is a goodie and a classic.  The maxi dress!  Now I know maxi dresses are a dime a dozen.  You can find a maxi dress in almost every store.  The dress that Julianne Hough is wearing is to die for! Floral prints are totally in this season and this maxi dress has a modern floral print flare to it.  You can find Julianne’s dress at Cool Change “Pamela” Maxi for $188.


So here are my maxi choices: Forever 21 $11.80


You can mix it up in a million different ways.  I love throwing an off-the-shoulder top over the dress, wearing it with heels or sandals or dressing it up with big statement jewelry like a necklace or bangles.

Rose Dream Chiffon Maxi BodyCentral

BodyCentral.com $29.98

If you like Tracy Dimarco Esp’s Collection follow her on Instagram, she is another celebrity that wears her own collection and that girl knows how to rock it! (@tracydimarcoeps) Princess Armor: Tracy Dimarco Esp Collection: Preorder: $42.99

 princess armor maxi dress

^All I need to say is chevron, chevron, chevron- get in my closet! Love that mint color! ^

Trend 6: I sure love shorts! 

Who wears short shorts? Julianne Hough wears short shorts!  Even though I am not a fan of hers, how can you not love this outfit?  I am gaga over her shorts!  While shopping I’ve seen these cuts/style of shorts everywhere and I cannot wait to get my paws on them! The cut reminds me of a 70’s gym short.  It pains me to say I don’t know the designer of her shorts but I did add a few of my personal picks!


Asos: Low Rise Denim Shorts in Vintage Wash: $57.16

asos shorts 2

Levi: $58.00

Levi 501 shorts

Levi: Shortie Shorts: $42.00

levi shortie shorts

^How much do you love these?!^

Trend 7: Big Bags

Has anyone seen The Other Woman yet?  I have and it is a total must see.  During the movie I became OBsessed with Kate Upton’s handbag.  After the movie, I made it my mission to find her handbag.  Well after some digging I found out who makes the bag.  The sad news is, they made that bag in that specific color only for the movie!  How could they tease us like that?!  Like I said, I did find the bag and the designer is Donatienne: The Boney Bucket Bag. The Bag comes in mustard, back and blue. $245-$440.  The mustard is all sold out (of course).


Here are my top pick must have bags for this summer season!

 Michael Kors: Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Center Stripe Travel Tote $298

michael kors 2

Tory Burch: Tory Burch Ella Neoprene Tote.  This bag also comes in hot pink: $225.00

Tory Burch

Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon Natasha Bright Coral: $198

Marc by Marc Jacobs Coral

Trend 8: All Over Overals!

Last, by certainly not least for this summer’s must-haves are overalls.  Yes, I cannot believe it either but overalls are in.  Pretty sure the last time I wore overalls was when I was 7 years old.  However, after seeing them in the mall and on a few girls they grew on me.  They do not look like the overalls I wore when I was 7.  Let’s look at Naomi Watts.  How cute does she look riding her bike while wearing overalls?  Makes me want to move to LA and become a tree lover, organic eater, overall wearer! LOL.  You can find Naomi’s overalls at Black Orchid “The Skinny” Overalls for $174. But look at the sassy overalls I found!


H&M Overalls: $29.95

HM Overalls

Forever 21: Life In Progress- Distressed Overalls $29.80


Guess: Classic Denim Overalls: $158.00


Summer is all about being a free spirit and comfortable… especially in New Jersey.  Our summer’s can be brutal with 95-degree weather with 100% humidity.   Adding a pop of color, color-blocking, wearing lightweight material, and accessories is just what the fashionista doctor ordered for this summer’s trend.  To be a fashionista does not mean you have to spend a lot of money on clothing.  You just need to be comfortable in your own skin and show confidence!  If you have confidence in what you are wearing, you can conquer the world.



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One comment on “Stephanie Says: Celebrity Summer Fashion Must Haves! (Part Two)

  1. Lisa N.
    May 24, 2014

    Some cute fashion must haves! There all very stylish.

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