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Court Nails

Hello everyone! I don’t post on the weekends very often but I wanted to share with you a mani that I wore for the end of my first week on jury service. We were in court so I wanted to head towards more office appropriate nails but still keep my sparkle (there are no rules and I don’t think people particularly care… but, that’s not the point is it?). Don’t forget as always you can click on any and all of the images for a larger view! Courtnails3I started with a base of OPI Tickle My France-y which is the perfect pinky nude. I have used it previously here. This polish remains of a slightly thinner consistency but I was happy in two coats with the opacity, especially as I planned to faff on top. Using Serum No. 5 Girl’s BFF, which was another lovely gift from my friend Annette (who runs Rainbow Connection – don’t forget about their sale on Sunday!!), I added a thin coat of silver and holo grpahic sparkle to my nail. This has a really great coverage and mix and I think you could probably get it up to opaque in 3 coats but I wanted to use it as a dusting on top.



I ended up topcoating with a Rimmel top coat as my HK Girl has run out – whilst this took longer to dry I have been really impressed with the glassy finish and the wear time. I still have this on my nails today and report not even minor chipping.



This mani remained subtle but still had a fun twinkle when the glitter particles caught the light. I love that the Serum can add sparkle but it also has the potential for full out BLING. I think this would look AMAZING over a dark blue for a spacey feel and it will be great for the festive season too.

You will notice here that my nails are shorted again – I had a substantial break on my non swatch hand so I just shortened everything. I had been maintaining a tear with a teabag repair but it just wasn’t holding and luckily had grown out enough that it would no longer be painful to lose that length.

In other drama the Smith Household plumbing gave out on us this week and flooded the hall – luckily Daddy Smith was able to fix the problem but we’re still drying out a little. A highlight of this week was opening nail mail in the jury assembly room – I bought 6 new pastel and sheer Moyras and had great fun unwrapping them from their little pink cocoons to the fascination of the women around me. How’s your week been? I feel so out of touch this week, still, one week to go! Have a lovely weekend ❤


3 comments on “Court Nails

  1. Lisa N.
    May 31, 2014

    How pretty and sparkly.

  2. great look! I love this neutral look and think they could still pass for office safe depending where you work. i’m so glad i can wear whatever i want on my nails at work!!! 🙂

    flooding is the worst… i had some flooding in my basement a while ago and my beautiful beige carpet ended up turning green! 😥 the previous owners had put something on the floor that bled green into the carpet when it flooded

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      June 1, 2014

      oh no!!!! We’re slowly drying out here and hoping to save the rug with a steam cleaner. Good old yankee candle tarts are covering any musty scents in the mean time.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, glad you liked the mani! 😀

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