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Court Nails: Tropical Blue

Moyra6022 Hello all! I was lucky enough to get a day off today so I thought I would share with you another of my court nails looks! I have begun more and more matching my nails to my outfits whilst trying to keep them tasteful.

On Monday, I decided to wear this tropical flower patterned dress which has turquoise and off white bands and is a skater shape. I think I bought mine in New Look last year. This dress is great for the summer, or, as the case would be, cheering up a very grey day. I paired this with a light weight, long,  pink cardy from H&M.

On my nails I started out with a simple mani of just Moyra 602 which is a pastel turquoise and to my eyes almost a perfect tiffany blue. The formula on this polish had me raving – it is pretty flawless. Opaque, creamy, glossy, self leveling. I did have a few bald spots on coat one but these were easily covered in coat two. The brush as with all my Moyra’s was really nice – medium width and flat. Oh and the drying time on this polish is FAST. So mega thumbs up from me. If you want to get this polish head on over to Moyra UK’s Facebook Page and drop Aliz a message, I know she’s working hard to get the official site up and running but this unofficial ordering system is really easy, my parcels have always arrived very fast and expertly wrapped. Can you tell I am really impressed? I hope so and you know I wouldn’t lie if I wasn’t convinced.

Anyway, once I finished with this base I wore it for a couple of hours (I did my nails the night before) and well…. I wanted to faff. I started by adding some stamped flowers from a MoYou Pro plate in Barrym Silver Foil as my usual accent on my ring finger.


In hindsight I wish I had a good white stamping polish as I think this would have done the design more justice against the blue. I was fairly happy with the outcome but 45 minutes later… I decided to faff some more.


To echo the bands on my dress I used some striping tape and Barrym Matt White to add these slightly diagonal strips across my nail. I did have a small problem with this mani – I am currently using a Rimmel Topcoat which is very good but doesn’t play nicely with nail art so I was unable to even up my stripes for fear of smudging them with topcoat (hence their slightly raised look). Aside from this I was really pleased with my mani which had some added faff whilst still being relatively reserved…. in my opinion. I think if I weren’t in court and had more time I would have had a go at some pink flowers – perhaps a mani for another day.

What do you think? Do you match your nails to your outfits?



7 comments on “Court Nails: Tropical Blue

  1. Lisa N.
    June 4, 2014

    What a pretty blue. Love the silver details you did on your manicure too.

  2. Rubyblood (@madtyper)
    June 6, 2014

    Love how this looks its really cute.

  3. I like the silver and blue together! I guess it is a bit harder to see what the design is vs. if you used white but I still really like the effect. I usually only do my nails 2x a week so I don’t really match my nails to my outfit unless its a special occasion

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      June 10, 2014

      Yes changing every day was getting a little bit tiring but it was an enjoyable mini challenge!

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