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Guest Starring: Spellbound Nails

Sorry to anyone disappointed not to see an AtoZ post today – I wasn’t very well and so haven’t managed to get my mani done yet. I hope to catch up this weekend, in the meantime I have a fab guest post for you from Ashley from Spellbound Nails. She is launching a new shop site later today (around lunchtime US) so keep an eye on her facebook for all those details!! 
Hello lovely PMP-ers! I’m Ashley, of Spellbound Nails, and Charlie was nice enough to let me park my nails here today. 🙂
I’m a good ‘ol US of A girl who had to suffer through the polar vortex this winter so I am embracing the rising temperatures wholeheartedly! And what better way to do this than by slapping a ton of neon all over my nails?
neon side gradient pic 1
I went with a very simple rainbow-style side gradient. It looks more complicated than it is, but don’t be afraid because it doesn’t take any sponges or weird tools. But best of all? It doesn’t have to be perfect!!
white polish pic
I started with a base of white polish. Always remember that a white base truly makes a neon pop! If you’re not getting the eye-blinding shade you want or are having to use a billion and one coats – start with white.
neon side gradient pic 2
Once the white has completely dried use the polish brush (the thin side if it’s a flat brush) to swipe one half of your nail with neon polish. I’m using an upcoming collection from Spellbound Nails called The Brights. Again, this doesn’t have to be perfect. If you can get your lines perfectly straight go for it, but if not they’re still going to look great! You’ll want the colors to overlap and blend where they meet. I did this by doing one side of the nail and while it was still wet I did the other, making sure to overlap the colors just slightly. Be sure to swipe your brush over a piece of paper before putting it back in the bottle as the colors will blend on the brush as well. Repeat with all nails using the last color of the previous nail as the first color of the next to get a gradual sideways fade. 🙂
Use a q-tip or an angled brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up around your nails. If you’re an over-cleaner, I recommend using top coat and letting this dry before you clean. This will help prevent over-cleaning and smudging/removing of your actual design. 😉
glow pic
And, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I can’t leave well enough alone. I always have to push and take it one step further so I used a violet glow in the dark topper to make sure this mani will be blindingly bright any time of day or night!
Many thanks to Charlie for letting me play in her sandbox for the day. And I hope you enjoyed my neon side gradient. 🙂
♥ Ashley

3 comments on “Guest Starring: Spellbound Nails

  1. Lisa N.
    June 4, 2014

    So cute and colorful! Love that it glows in the dark too.

  2. intruguingreads
    June 5, 2014

    Very awesome! I plan on doing this on my nails soon! I love the glowing of your nails also.

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