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Candy Coloured Nails for the Weekend

CandyColours1  On my nails this weekend – OPI Mod About You in pale pink and Moyra Pastel 601 in pale lemony lime. Mod About You has been on my desirable polish list for a long time and was bumped up the list thanks to my decision I was on the perfect pastel pink hunt. I finally got around to ordering this when the Coca Cola polishes came out.

Looking at a few comparison pictures you can see that there is a cool under tone of lilac to this pink but when it’s on the nail it does look just like a pretty pale pink. Application wise it was opaque in two fairly easy coats, it didn’t perfectly self level but topcoat evened it up and it’s possible that the temperature and my fan were hindering the formula. The ONLY negative thing I have to say about this polish  is that it is a bit of a pain to clean up as it is slightly chalky when you take acetone to it – no doubt because there is a lot of white in the polish. Still, it’s not a super biggy really.

601 (I really wish Moyra would name their shades… just makes it easier to remember what they’re called) was a pretty similar story – two coats for opacity, self levelled pretty well. The downside… well not really a downside… but the note I have about this polish is that you get ALOT on your brush and it did occasionally blob down (even when I thought I’d wiped most of it off). Just basically take your time and watch your brush isn’t overloaded. For a yellow, for a pastel… the formula is IMPECCABLE. Moyra really does know what it is doing with these pastels (check out my review of one of their others here).

Photos show two coats of each colour over OPI Natural Base Coat with HK Girl TC on the top.



I am in no tanned but these pinks definitely do make my skin look darker so I can imagine with a tan these colours would really pop. I did compare with the bleached neons from Maybelline today while I was in boots and 602 looks really close to their yellowy colour.

CandyColours3I did both hands like this and it makes me think of spring flowers – I NEED A WHITE TO STAMP WITH. Someone said this reminded them of ice cream – I can see that too. I am running out of cuticle oil and my fingers are a bit dry – think I need to go shopping soon, whats your current favourite cuticle product? I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I shall see you all on Monday.


2 comments on “Candy Coloured Nails for the Weekend

  1. Lisa N.
    June 13, 2014

    There pretty together!

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