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Stephanie Says… Wine Candles

Have you ever come across a really cool bottle that you never wanted to get rid of? Maybe a wine bottle or hard alcohol bottle you really want to keep. Well I have found the perfect way you can keep the bottle and have it functioning. Turn it into a candle! There is a lady in town that cuts bottles and turns them into candles!  Her company name is called “The Bottled Wick”. She does an amazing job! Find her on Facebook.  She has done 4 wine bottles for me. My family makes their own wine and one year I wanted to give some of the family members our wine bottle turned to candles as a Christmas present and they came out AWESOME! For the first time it is $20 per bottle, which is for the cutting of the bottle and turning it into a candle. Once the candle is finished burning for $15 you can get a new candle made. The Bottled Wick has over 15 scents you can choose from. Her scents change per seasons.  They currently offer:

Basil & Citrus – A crisp blend of wild mint and basil with a finishing splash of fresh squeezed lime.

Cherry Vanilla – A marriage of our spicy Black Cherry and powerful Vanilla Burst gives this scent a unique blend of buttery fruit.

Citronella! – The most effective all natural insect repellent!

Fresh Linen – Take a deep breath of this beautiful breezy day with hints of lemon, apple & sunshine finished with soft lavender & lily.

Sweet Amaretto – Warm combination of fresh roasted almonds and vanilla.

The Ultimate Odor and Smoke Eliminator – This is a spicy combination infused with natural essential oils, including Cinnamon, Orange, and Grapefruit. Sure to wipe out those hard to handle odors!

Check them out on Facebook for more scents.

The Bottled Wick likes to have fun with their creations and turn beer glasses into candles. For example they will take a Guinness glass and make the candle look like beer! It is so cute! The thing I like about The Bottled Wick candles is that they are soy! We’re burin’ clean and going green and we didn’t even know it!

The last time I went to The Bottled Wick was about 2-3 weeks ago and I got basil and citrus in one bottle and fresh linen in the other. They smell AMAZING. They smell exactly what the description says. I prefer clean scents rather than fruity. I have yet to light the fresh linen but every time I walk past it, I can smell it! I just love the smell of clean clothes.



The Bottled Wick also gave me the Guinness glass that has “The Ultimate Odor and Smoke Eliminator”.  Oh- My- Gawd!  BEST THING EVER!!!   I can’t wait for one of my candles to run out so I can get this in it!  My boyfriend likes to smoke cigars in the apartment and we all know cigars can be smelly.  I light this bad boy and it does the job.  I burn the candle for about 30 minutes and you cannot smell the cigar anymore.  Without the candle it would linger for a day or two.  One day, my neighbor burnt (I am assuming) toast and the whole building smelt it.  I lite the candle and the smell was gone.  This little thing is awesome!!!

I am pretty sure The Bottled Wick ship everywhere but I would contact them before hand.

Below is their information:

Website: www.thebottledwick.com

Facebook: The Bottled Wick

Email: contact@thebottledwick.com

The Bottled Wick accepts cash, credit cards and paypal.


Beautifully decorated handmade soy candles, poured into carefully crafted bottles, jar, votives and tealights!

Let The Bottled Wick uncork a masterpiece!


the bottled wick


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2 comments on “Stephanie Says… Wine Candles

  1. Lisa N.
    June 13, 2014

    They sound very nice!

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