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OPI Gone Gonzo

Gonzo1Another polish that has been loaned to me this is Gone Gonzo from the original Muppets collection collab from OPI. This dense glitter is made up of small blue metallic glitter and larger silver pieces – it’s very dense and could easily be built up to opaque in a couple of coats. The finish is relatively smooth and for a dense glitter the formula is very easy to work with and in no way thick or chunky. Super props to OPI on making glitter work!

I had this polish on loan for a while but couldn’t decide how to wear it – should I use a contrasting base, should I layer it up on its own? Glitter gradient maybe? When I got my haul through from Moyra not that long ago I ordered a blue which was a pretty good match for the blue glitter so thought this pairing would be perfect and it would mean that I didn’t return the OPI to Emma half empty.

I used just one thin coat of Gone Gonzo over Moyra 27. The application of the Moyra polish is what I have come to expect from them – very easy and just two coats for full opacity. In the bottle there appears to be a shimmer but this isn’t really visible on the nail and to my mind is there to help the formula of a pastel blue polish which is absolutely fine by me.


I loved this mani because it just twinkled like light on water – the individual glitter particles kind of blended together visually into a sparkling blue surface of prettiness. This was another one of those manis that kept me dazzled and distracted.


The wear time was very good but… big but… big pain in the butt,  REMOVAL SUCKED. Even with the soaking foil method this mani was a nightmare to remove. The glitter did not want to budge. There was no staining though and it did eventually all come off but it’s enough to put me off of glitter manis for a little while. I would say this glitter is gorgeous enough to be worth the effort every now and again and I hope I can pick up my own bottle at some point 😀


One comment on “OPI Gone Gonzo

  1. Lisa N.
    June 16, 2014

    Its a pretty blue glitter.

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