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I is for: Illegal

IllegalSorry for the radio silence on Tuesday but I took a day off from things –  I hope you enjoyed yesterdays post from Stephanie. Today, we’re back with our favourite Thursday tradition – AtoZ series! Here we are nearly 10 letters into our alphabet at ‘I’.  Don’t forget top check out the Hub Page for all of the manis so far from all of the bloggers involved!

I decided today to choose P2 Sand Style Illegal. I feel a little bit bad because this European polish isn’t very easily available but if you’re even in Germany or know someone who is, these polishes are great! I am ashamed to say I haven’t used them all that often but they were my first texture, they are very affordable and just so pretty. They have a very fine sand texture which is fairly rough and takes time to develop but they’re rock hard, opaque and very easy to apply.

I used just two thin coats although I probably would have been find with one. I am working on growing my nails back out at the moment and it’s feeling a very long winded process – anyone know some crazy witch voodoo I can try out?

Also,  I have run out of Bliss Kiss and still don’t have a replacement – I am not sure I want to buy it again though… it just wasn’t ENOUGH. I want more magic from my oil damn it.



I decided to have a white accent (Barrym in this instance) just wasn’t sure what I was going to do util I decided the red reminded me of Minnie Mouse so I added some red polka dot… I know, it’s the wrong way round but I love it and I think Minnie would too. I really want to go to Disney World, anyone want to take me?


Here’s an up close and personal shot of the textured goodness – all twinkly. Removal of this is pretty standard for a texture but once it starts coming off it comes off pretty easily (unlike Gone Gonzo… yes, I still haven’t let that go). Big dots were made using my largest Cheeky Dotting tool, reminds me I am not much of a pro with these tools but it is still super fun. Adding the off nail dots really make it look better and I am not sure where I read the tip about making sure your pattern extends off the nail but it’s a good tip. Whether it’s dots, leopard print or anything else. Talking of which, I really need to try a leopard print mani.



10 comments on “I is for: Illegal

  1. Lisa N.
    June 18, 2014

    That’s a nice texture. I like the polka dot nail accent too.

  2. moongeh
    June 19, 2014


  3. Really pretty hun! ❤ xx

  4. Lou
    June 19, 2014

    I love my p2 sand style polishes, I have several and I love them all!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      June 19, 2014

      I’ve got some of the new ones on their way soon – so excited!

      • Lou
        June 20, 2014

        OOhhhh which ones are those? I may have to speak to my pal in Germany

      • pocketmoneypolishes
        June 20, 2014

        Lovely, Dreamy… ermm… Joyful? Maybe? They were new to me anyway.

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