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J is for: Just Before Dawn

Justbeforedawn3 For ‘J’ I only had four polishes to choose between and quickly settled on this gorgeous orange holo from Chirality called Just Before Dawn. I bought this as part of a birthday haul from Rainbow Connection (thanks again to the generous Cazzy) and love how wearable and stunning this polish is. Since last time it was on the blog I am fairly sure I just did straight swatches I decided I had better jazz it up for the blog post today. After consulting the nail ladies I did seriously consider chevrons but my vinyls remain hidden in “somewhere safe”, so settled for stamping. Once I reached the conclusion that the stamping had to be in black, the rest of the idea kind of just fell into place.



(Don’t forget you can click on any of the pictures in this blog for a larger view!)


JustBeforeDawn4It HAD to be tiger stripes. I used Konad Special Polish in black and BM 223 for my stripes. These really were a breeze and for the most part I could actually just pick the excess stripes off my skin and cuticles rather than having to use remover. I topcoated with HK Girl Topcoat which as you can see doesn’t smudge the design at all. Konad Special Polish seems to dry slightly matte so the topcoat really brought the design together and I didn’t notice any decrease in how holo this polish is either. I used just two coats of Just Before Dawn for perfect buttery coverage, I am not sure if this polish is still available but if it is, I would definitely recommend it. STUNNING. Now… this isn’t quite the end of the mani story…



The Bundle Monster design was no where near big enough for my thumb and I didn’t want to leave them completely plain so I decided to add some heart studs from a wheel I bought on ebay. You might remember the studs from THIS DESIGN. Once I had stuck these into wet topcoat, the design still didn’t look finished so with the small end of my Konad stamper I added some tiger stripes. Stamping onto studs definitely works – but I would recommend doing it before you put the studs onto your nails. I topcoated my thumbs again to make sure the hearts stayed in place and hey, presto the design was done. I have definitely seen studs painted up before but this is my first time modding them and I am so pleased with how it tied my thumbs into the rest of the manicure. I wore this mani for a few days and the hearts didn’t fall off or catch on anything! I think this technique is so quick and effective and I will definitely be using it some more in the future…. time to go stud shopping I think!

What do you think of this mani? I hope you’re all having a great week. Don’t forget to see all of the other manis for the AtoZ Series over on The Hub Page.




3 comments on “J is for: Just Before Dawn

  1. Lisa N.
    June 26, 2014

    Lovely tiger stripe nails!

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