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R&R Lacquer: Avengers Assemble Collection

Products were sent to me for honest review.

Up today I have a couple of new polishes from UK Indie R&R Lacquer – which you can buy HERE and find out more about them on their facebook page HERE. Fullsize these polishes retail for £6.50 but there are deals on the Etsy store which can work out cheaper. The latest collection from R&R is called Avengers Assemble and is packed with polishes inspired by the big personalities of the marvel franchise.

Trickshot2 This polish is called ‘Trickshot’ and is inspired by Hawkeye the bow and arrow wielding army type. This polish is a steely purple packed with irridescent and scattered black glitters and maybe some pale purple flakies. On my pinky you can see this layered over a navy, my ring finger shows 2 coats on its own, my index is over black and my pointer is over a pale lavender. All of the different base colours did enhance different aspects of this polish but I personally think it looked AWESOME on its own. AnnaBean did some fab full mani swatches of this (and others) HERE.

This polish has an amazing formula – even coverage and in no way thick or unmanagable and yet despite its lightness it builds up to opaque very easily. Stunning polish, really surprised me… I am tempted to buy this in full size at some point (although I have blown my shopping budget for the forseeable future on other goodies). I didn’t wear topcoat in these pictures mainly to show you how smooth the finish is all by itself! I have no idea how the girls managed this… I suspect there was voodoo involved or they have Tony Stark locked in a cupboard somewhere slaving over a chemistry set with glitters.


Next up is “Big Phil” inspired by Agent Coulson – this is a lovely taupey colour with a really strong gold shimmer. Again, I was surprised by how opaque and managable this polish was. I thought this would be my favourite of the two as it is a much more ME colour but there is something magical about TrickShot which stole my heart.

Big Phil does strike me as an office appropriate shade which would go well with an FBI/CIA/NSA/…. anonymous suit. I can’t help however but think of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air whenever I read its name. Crazy brain associations going on. I think this polish would look amazing mattefied or with a nail art pinstripe, but, don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful all by itself in an understated way.

These are my first ever R&R lacquers and I am very impressed with the formulas and quality. I only received minis to try and so I didn’t want to use them up so only did four finger swatches this time (I have many mani plans for these two)- check out UKNailRunner’s many angled swatches HERE of Big Phil and another from the collection.

I hope you enjoyed this brief peekaboo and will check out the rest of the polishes R&R have to offer! ❤


3 comments on “R&R Lacquer: Avengers Assemble Collection

  1. Lisa N.
    June 28, 2014

    Those are nice.

  2. MO
    June 28, 2014

    When you said the polish name Big Phil I had exactly the same thought. And now have “Caaarrrrlton!” running through my head.
    These are gorgeous. I love how Trickshot takes on a completely different feel depending on the base coats. Beautiful! x

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