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Mum Picks: Monday Mani


So I am suffering definite mani burnout at the moment to the point where I couldn’t even pick a colour of polish I wanted on my nails. My ever supportive and put upon Mum was sent to my room to pick something for me; she returned with a choice of three polishes for me. OPI Girls Love Diamonds, OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes and Nails Inc Regents Park RoadSince the first and the last have been featured on the blog relatively recently, I felt compelled to go for the middle choice which I *think* is an untried….unless I am having polish amnesia. Gouda Gouda Two Shoes was released as part of the dutch collection (most of which can still be found from the usual suspects) and is a warm rose-y terracotta colour with subtle shimmer (more apparent in the bottle than on the nail). The formula was good and I used just two coats but I think three may be better for people with longer nails. Realising I have NOTHING to go on the blog I decided last minute to jazz up this dusty warm earthy mani.


I was stumped for a while as to what I should add – maybe some vintage flowers in cream? until I remembered about my tribal print dress which has a similar hue. From there I started thinking about aztecs and gold and treasure in the desert… (I ended up with “Arabian Nights” going round and round my head) I didn’t want to do a heavy black print as I did tiger stripes last week so once I settled on gold embellishment I went and raided the nail art drawer.

Goldmani2First I spotted some gold leaf foil that I bought from Born Pretty Store AGES ago and have never gotten around to using. I decided to attempt a flakey gradient by tearing the leaf and placing it onto the nail. Leaf is very fiddley and delicate but also kind of tricky to break up – I ended up shredding small amounts using a tearing method and two pointy dotting tools. I definitely think a sharp blade would have been much better – ho hum, live and learn.

I love the texture of the golden foil – it really does look like treasure on my nails and completely different from if I had tried to do something similar using saran wrap (cling film) or a glitter gradient. I did find that it took two coats of topcoat to be completely smooth. Very pleased to report that the topcoat in no way melted or dissolved the foil as I worried it might do. As you will be able to spot in the next picture, I did my thumb to match.

Goldmani3Next up was stamping using my ever trusty and very much on its last dregs Barrym Gold Foil Effect. I had a new stamper to try out but I didn’t quite get the hang of it (see pinky) so swapped back to my normal Konad stamper for my index finger. This pattern is taken from MoYou London Suki 07 (which you may remember I used for my Cherry Blossom mani a while back).

I would have redone my little finger but seriously have barely any gold left and really wanted to stamp the other finger. Sorry!

The gold of the barrym is a little less yellow thank the foil but I think falls into that antiquey look – the pattern kind of reminded me of the sun but also royal luxurious fabrics so in my mind it fitted in with my made up theme. I didn’t topcoat these nails because my HK Girl was downstairs and also I like the flat chromey finish against the glossy creme formula of Gouda Gouda but that’s just me.

Finally onto my ring finger I added this large gold diamond/rhombus shaped stud which like the heart studs (from the same wheel) has a flat back and easily sits flat even on my curved nails. I used a thick coat of topcoat to stick it down on and then one over the top to seal it in.



Don’t forget you can click any of the images for a larger look!

The ring is actually an ear cuff from River Island but it fits my pinky perfectly and I wanted to add some more bling… ISSUES.



I hope you liked this make it up as I go along mani 😀 shout out to Mummy Smith for a cracking job picking polish. I am off to browse the internets for some inspiration – any blogs I should be checking out? Any nail art trends I have missed?


8 comments on “Mum Picks: Monday Mani

  1. Lisa N.
    June 30, 2014

    Nice manicure!

  2. Sophia
    June 30, 2014

    Those colors go very nicely together, I’ll have to try them sometime!

  3. Oh, I love what you did with this! Mummy smith picked a fab polish 😀 xx

  4. Catherine Dream
    July 7, 2014

    This one’s really lovely!

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