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Stephanie says… get organised!

Now everyone that knows me will tell you, I’m a tad OCD when it comes to my clothes, bags and living in my apartment.  My closets are color coordinated, I put my bags in alphabetical order and everything in my apartment has its own space for it.  I do not have clutter what so ever.  Clutter drives me insane.  However, you get into my car  you can throw everything in the back seat or the trunk, I really don’t care how it looks.  But I do have to say for the past 2 months my car has been spotless so I am getting better! Ok, now back to the closets and apartment!


I am also looking for new ways to improve my organization skills and I found a few I want to share!

photo 4 photo 3


First, I know about these for about 7 years now, these little babies are the best thing for your closet and I don’t use anything but these…. Slim velvet hangers.  A huge THANK YOU to the person whoever invented them.  These black hangers allow you to have more space in your closet.  In addition, your clothes do not slip off! RUN to Costco or Bj’s and pick up a box.  These are the best hangers ever!

Hanger1 Hangers2


Second, I’m cooking in the kitchen and I need a pot and its lid and I can’t find the lid because it is buried with the other 7000 pot lids.  It drives me insane! Well, not anymore!  I can’t wait to do this in our apartment.  Use a magazine rack to store pot lids!  You can find a magazine rack at Wal-Mart or Target and screw it on the inside of your cabinet or the inside of the cabinet door.  Genius! I wish I had thought of this.  Thank you, Pinterest.  If a magazine rack will not fit, try use a curtain rod.

magazine rack for lids


Third, isn’t it super annoying when you spouse is screaming from the kitchen and their head is halfway in the fridge because they cannot find something?  Then you come over and say “it’s right here!” and what they were looking for was staring right at them?  Yeah, me too.  This happens to me at least 3x a week.  But once we get a new fridge in the next 2 months, I am going to organize the crap out of it so the screaming “where is the hot sauce” will stop!  I am either going to add wire shelving or a lazy Susan in the fridge… but check out the fridge I found!  They have a basket for everything!

organized fridge


Forth, with having multiple bedrooms, the sheets for each room might not be so easy to find.  I quickly fold my and throw them in a storage bin.  When I need to change the sheets, I’m always triple checking if I have everything for that bed set.  Well, not anymore! I am going to start storing matching sheets inside of its matching pillowcase.  You get more storage in your closet and you know everything is in that one pillowcase.

sheets in pillow

Last but not least, this scenario is similar to the idea with the fridge but with our linen closet.  I do not know how many times I heard my boyfriend yelling (mind you with his head in the closet- so it is 10x harder to actually understand him) “Babe, where are the Clorox Wipes?!” Oh dear God boy, open your eyes and move stuff around!  I am putting a shoe organizer behind the door and in each shoe holder putting in our cleaning products.  That gives you more shelf space for sheets, toilet paper, etc.  Every product has it’s own cubbyhole.  No more products getting lost in the back of the closet.

shoe organizer

I have so much more on how to organize your home.  If you want more ideas on organization please email me!


As always, thank you for reading Stephanie Says.





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2 comments on “Stephanie says… get organised!

  1. Lisa N.
    July 4, 2014

    Nice organization tips you shared!

  2. Catherine Dream
    July 6, 2014

    I’m OCD like that too ; )

    Love the hangers!

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