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OPI: HTF VSP Glacier Bay Blues

HARD TO FIND, VERY SPECIAL POLISH: Now, I try not to share too many polishes which are a pain to get hold of BUT this polish is A) too pretty not to share, B) I have wanted it for a long time and never thought I would get it, C) a gorgeous gift from a lovely friend so really I had no choice.


Glacier Bay Blues is a black label (pre 3-free formula) OPI from the Canadian collection waaaay back in 2004 and inky teal duochrome which shifts from purple sapphire to dark aqua it is STUNNING. Some people say that this polish doesn’t live up to their expections and the shift isn’t very strong but I don’t know what they are talking about – this polish for me never seemed to be the same colour twice and did show shift across the curve of my nail. I used just three thin coats of this polish on its own for opacity – I didn’t really notice any strong chemical “stink” to this polish, but perhaps I am just immune now. I did have a black polish standing by in case this formula was too watery or sheer but even after 10 years it was still perfect. In light of all of the recent duochrome releases from OPI I kind of hope they release a new version of this polish because it is so unique!

Glacier3 Glacier2 Glacier4

This polish makes me think of Northern Lights reflected in icey polar waters – lots of depth but also lots of other worldly colour going on too. I did not want to take this off for a long long time!  I want to say a massive thank you to Rachel for gifting me this lemming – it was a surprise that really cheered me up and then also blew my mind. This polish will be treasured and loved. I do have an updated version of this mani to share with you tomorrow but for now I thought I would leave you with some swatches I found of the rest of the Canadian collection. What do you think of this polish? Do you have any lemmings?

OPI Canadian Collection Swatches



9 comments on “OPI: HTF VSP Glacier Bay Blues

  1. Lisa N.
    July 13, 2014

    Its such a rich deep color!

  2. MO
    July 13, 2014

    This is boootiful!
    What an amazing gift. That’s so lovely.
    My lemmings list is getting longer by the day x

  3. Cazzy Durcan
    July 13, 2014

    Glad you finally got it! Very pretty.

  4. Catherine Dream
    July 13, 2014

    Uuuuhhh, so deep and dark, love the colour shift!

  5. Emma B
    July 14, 2014

    I had this back in 2009, wore it once for a job interview. It took forever to dry, but that may be because I didn’t think to layer it. Didn’t get the job, never wore it again.

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      July 15, 2014

      Awww! I just did three thin layers by itself with HK Girl topcoat (so maybe that helped any drying issues although I mainly added it for some shine).

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