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Moyra Sugar Sands


I decided to do a skittle to try out the four Sugar Sands I bought a while back during the MoyraUK Sale; I had a busy weekend ahead so wanted something durable but still pretty, these polishes definitely did the job. The texture is a very fine sand finish which sparkles like crushed gems in the sun, the dry time is reasonable (considering there can be no quick drop topcoat here) and the colours are just very pretty. I used three thin coats of each and application was good thanks to the Moyra brush – but the first coat is uneven (just a heads up) and the formula is approaching the runny side so just take your time. As with most Moyra’s the brush does carry ALOT of product so just wipe a bit off before you start applying.

Pinky – Dolphin, this is a lovely baby blue with aqua undertones, I am not a massive fan of blue at the moment as it can look too cool against my skin tone but the aqua in this really livens it up – think sunlight on a pool and there you go!

Ring – Cinema, this is a flattering warm tone lavender. Normally these colours are not my thing but I really like how this looks in combination with the other polishes and the warmer pink tones in its base keep it from making me look like a dead old lady (yes, I associate lavender with old ladies… lilac too… pretty much any pale purple).  Not really sure where the name came from for this polish… seems a little random.

Middle Finger – Brown Sugar – the most opaque of the colours I have, this is very like its name sake in colour. The pastel nature of the colour makes this a great neutral whilst the brown keeps it from being a classic baby colour. I have nothing like it in my collection (regular or textured) so I am loving this polish a lot!

Index – Wishing Well – this is an exceptionally pale pink and fairly sheer but very beautiful. I think the slight pink hue makes this more wearable than a traditional white counterpart whilst still giving it a very clean appearance. Something slightly bridal about this polish in the sunshine.


All of these photos were taken in direct sunshine through my window – I hope I captured some of the sparkle at least, needless to say these were even more dazzling in person.


I found this did start to chip on day three on both of my indexes but nothing super major, this would be more than my normal wear time on a cream polish without topcoat so I think this formula holds up well. I also didn’t use base coat with these polishes as sometimes it is recommended not to for full effect – possible another factor in the chipping. I think if you’re not too hard on your nails you could easily get 4-5 days of wear from these polishes which is pretty respectable.


4 comments on “Moyra Sugar Sands

  1. Lisa N.
    July 20, 2014

    Those look really nice.

  2. MO
    July 20, 2014

    These catch the light so well. Think Brown Sugar is my fav x

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