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A Night Garden (OPI)

Happy Monday one and all! How was your weekend?


My Saturday evening was spent living it up and painting my nails – I did a lot of experimenting with new techniques and ideas. After last weeks pastels and brights I was longing for the darker end of my collection (there are many many dark polishes and I hate the thought of having to wait for it to get cooler), so at the end of my night of testing things out I came up with the idea of a night garden filled with bright glowy plants. The colours in this picture are a bit washed out and I am not sure why – I think I set my white balance wrong.


In my wardrobe is a lovely navy dress with bright orange and yellow patterns and part of that are these lovely smouldering florals which I think my mani had a great matchy matchy moment with. For the base colour on my mani I used OPI Keeping Suzi At Bay which is a goregous navy blue (from last years fall San Francisco collection) – it is a great application and I used two coats. To get the flowers to stamp I decided to try out a technique I read about forever ago where you first do white on your stamping plate (and scrape off excess) then another colour on top to lighten and also make your colour more opaque when it stamped onto nails. At least, that’s how I remember the technique being described and thats what I did. As you can see it worked fairly well although is not 100% even in colouring. Does anyone know of this technique?



The images used come from MoYou Pro 08 and 09  which are great plates with lots of fun floral images ok – I just can’t get enough of MoYou stamping plates, I am not sorry that I keep going on about them because honestly they are far and away the best plates I have ever used and the range of plates is astounding (with new ones seeming to come out every week).

Nightgarden4I got some new clean up brushes through this week (finally) so hopefully there will be much neater cuticle lines on this blog from now on; I was really impressed with the pack I bought on initial use but will wait and see how long they survive acetone before I start recommending them. I really like these nails although I think because the orange (OPI Toucan Do It) is still faded even with the white base ( BarryM Matt White) this probably is a more autumn mani but I DON’T CARE I am a rebel with 10 nails and too much OPI. This is a great navy if anyone is looking for one that always stays blue even in low lighting.

Hope today is going well for you – I had a really great weekend but so many exciting things going on for me at the moment (new job, paintings, blogging, uni work and other projects) that I am currently Queen of the TTD list.



4 comments on “A Night Garden (OPI)

  1. Lisa N.
    July 28, 2014

    Nice inspiration! I really like the floral design.

  2. Mina
    July 29, 2014

    I do love these! And I’m thinking just the same as you: don’t care that they look Autumn-y, ’cause they’re just that purrty and we own our nails! hahaha 🙂
    I’d never heard of this stamping technique before, but that’s not saying much, since I rarely venture into stampin anyway. Those MoYou plates you all keep raving about, though… they might make me want to switch to the dark side 😉

    ps. Google sucks and I know not what TTD means, except that maybe you’re into a whole lot of different stuff – which, as long as that makes you happy, is alright 🙂 Good luck on the new job and, oh yes!, loved seeing the lil’ doggy’s painting ❤

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      July 29, 2014

      Thanks Mina! You HAVE to try MoYou… embrace the dark side 😀

      TTD stands for Things To Do.

      I love all of your nails lately, the Plants Vs Zombie ones definitely made me smile. I was addicted to that game not to long ago 😀

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