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Treasure and Seaweed (OPI Mermaid’s Tears)


I have been dying to use my Pirates of the Caribbean polishes again for a while (especially as they just announced the 5th one!) and I kind of wanted to do something pirate themed – I have been eyeing up a new plate on MoYou for just this purpose… I was trying to finalise my MoYou order with this plate when I had a mini meltdown because I just could NOT choose! Does anyone else ever have this problem when shopping for things? Your shopping basket ends up looking like the products are doing the hokey kokey? Anyway, I was browsing the internet looking at swatches and what not and was inspired by a couple of designs I saw so decided to work with what I had. I started with two coats of Mermaid’s Tears – a great dusty jade colour.


Here is the lovely mani that inspired my accent nail you can read some more about this mani here – I decided to try and make mine looks a little bit more like flotsam and jetsam by using star shapes.


I used a bit of blue tac on the end of one of my nail brushes to pick up the various studs and embellishments and pop them into the still tacky OPI. I started with my largest star and worked across the nail to try and keep the design balanced. I couldn’t resist this oblong stud to add another shape to my mix. I then used topcoat to seal them all in. My HK Girl is on its last legs so a bit thick and difficult to work with today – I really need to pick up some thinner for it. Any recommendations lovelies?


For my second accent nail I stamped Barrym Matt White using MoYou Sailor 04 and this super fine seaweed/tentacle design. I think I technically stamped this upside down but what can I say, I am a rebel. I am really pleased with how this mani turned out and it was great to use Mermaid’s Tears again. I think this design will probably work with most colours if you don’t have this particular one in your collection. What do you think? Ok not quite pirate theme but seaweed themed.

8 comments on “Treasure and Seaweed (OPI Mermaid’s Tears)

  1. Lisa N.
    July 28, 2014

    I have Mermaid’s Tears and love the color on it. I love the nails you did with the color here too!

  2. Jessica W.
    July 28, 2014

    Very lovely mani!

  3. Catherine Dream
    July 31, 2014

    Looks like a treasure chest : D

    I thin my hkgirltopcoat with Seche… I hated myself for finally caving in and buying Restore, but it works. Well.

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