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Mani Swap with: @RachosNL

I put out a post not to long ago for some more guest posters for the blog, after chatting with Rachel we decided to do a mani swap. She was heading off on holiday so to make things simple we decided to do our own posts but create a design closely inspired by something the other had come up with. Usually on IG swaps the idea seems to be to closely replicate the other mani but being creative types we wanted to have a little bit more freedom (change colours etc). Due to the fact I’d just finished some nail art on my blogging hand and my cinderella hand looked all nakey I thought it was a great opportunity to try out some nail art on my non-dominant hand for a change (which usually gets a pretty plain deal).

Rachel has some amazing freehand pokemon manis that I definitely want to have a bash at in the future but they seemed a little ambitious, so from Rachel’s profile @RachosNL I chose this striking splatter mani:


I love this mani, I actually think the colours are perfect together and it’s totally my cup of tea BUT in the spirit of our swap I decided to bring in some summer brights and this is what I came up with:


From Rachel’s design I took the idea of the white base, the black splatter (even used the same polish in this case) and the gold studs for detail. She gave me some advice about cutting the straws down before trying. I have done a splatter mani before so was reasonably confident in this technique.  It is a messy technique and by it’s very nature can be hit or miss – you need to take aim and figure out how far from the target you need to be and how hard you need to blow by doing – I would say it is easier to dip the straw into the bottle than into a blob of  paint. You need to make sure you have that thin film of paint covering the exit and ermm don’t suck… that would be bad.


So one thick coat of Barrym Matt White and I splattered on my first bit of black, I then grabbed a new bit of straw and took aim with my colours (a different straw for each colour). I used OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui (blue), Toucan Do It (Orange) and Kiss Me On My Tulips (Pink) and tried to aim for white space, then I came back and added additional black splatter – I found this worked in bringing the colours together and given the nail a good all over design. I would suggest cleaning up quickly as possibly with a cotton bud the excess around your skin and then go in as you would normally for the cuticle lines. You can of course protect your nails as you would with a water marble – using PVA (Elmers US) glue, tape or lipbalm to help with easier clean up. Do no forget to protect your work area with paper or similar as you are sending this paint ballistic and it does go everywhere.


Studs were pushed down into the wet paint and topcoated into place. Really simple, relatively quick, a little messy but very fun! I think Jackson Pollock would be proud! The great thing about these splatter manis is they are super effective – they work in a whole array of colours (so are never out of season) and they’re not too much of a faff to do. I think they could make some fun backgrounds and also… glow in the dark or uv colours anyone?! Plus you can never go wrong with red splatter for Halloween. What do you think of my version? Have you ever done a mani swap or recreated someone elses design? Don’t forget to add me over on IG – @frostfromfire for sneaky peeks at my nails, my artwork and very occasionally random things from my life.


8 comments on “Mani Swap with: @RachosNL

  1. Lisa N.
    August 4, 2014

    Awesome job on the splatter nails!

  2. ljmoo123
    August 4, 2014

    I love both designs! They look like so much fun to create too!

  3. Catherine Dream
    August 5, 2014

    Both are pretty, and I love the simplicity of yellow, black and white!

  4. MO
    August 10, 2014

    Still need to try this but am scared of the mess. Both Rachel’s original mani and your recreation are stunning x

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