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All That Glitters is Gold (French Tip With Twist)


So this mani started life as my first ever french tip mani… I finally got my hands on some of those punch pocket hole reinforcer stickers and with my new nail shape I was super excited. As you can seem my tips didn’t turn out 100% perfect but I was really happy with them none-the-less. I used OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu which is a sheer white from the now old New York Ballet sheers collection, once the base was dry I placed my stickers and used Barrym Matt White to add my tips (removing the stickers while the polish was still wet). To even this up I added another layer of OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu which just blended the tips into the nails. Now I had some major staining issues shortly before doing this manicure and in removing the stain I made a fair old mess of my cuticles – so I have to apologise for that. The cuticle on my index finger is particularly screwed up and this resulted in a pretty bad paint job but then I was nosing through my nail bits and remembered that I ha something I had been dying to use.



I picked up this full nail art piece on ebay ages ago, it came in a pack of 10 I think and I have never gotten around to using them. They require nail glue to attach, wet polish is not enough to hold this in place.



I added some holographic sparkle using a Nails Inc Mini Topcoat I have – really sorry but I have no idea what it is called but loads of brands have a similar glitter topper so I am sure you’ll find something. I didn’t want to do too much to my other nails as the index finger is now the star of the show with its bright gold and blingy rinestones.

GoldGlitters2I appreciate this may not be everyones cup of tea and for me it is not a look I would wear every day but I think this would be a killer nail look for a night out and is a fun twist on a very classic mani. Just picture: lil black dress, killer heels champagne flute in hand… I call New Years Eve mani agogo! I’ve always associated french tips with fake nails or boring manis but I feel a whole world of nail art opening up before me now! What do you think of this mani? Do you like french tips? What do you think of my nail jewellery? Let me know with a comment below!




8 comments on “All That Glitters is Gold (French Tip With Twist)

  1. Lisa N.
    August 11, 2014

    I like these a lot! There simple but oh so pretty.

  2. MO
    August 11, 2014

    I like it. You’re right, with a little black dress it would really pop. Just err,mdont pick your nose x

  3. Catherine Dream
    August 13, 2014

    I have an irrational dislike of french tips (and pink), but your new nail shape is looking pretty good with these!

    And super impressed with your first time using these reinforcer stickers!

    How long did the bejewel hold?

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      August 14, 2014

      I think it would have held as long as I wanted it to with the nail glue but I did actually take it off fairly quickly as I had other plans for my nails and didn’t want to have to battle with the nail glue and ruin the piece trying to get it off. Did that make sense? Sorry got a bit of a headache here at the moment but I love reading through your comments and replying to them so I am 😀

      • Catherine Dream
        August 14, 2014

        Aw, thanks for replying : ) I’m enjoying your responses just as much!

        Oh yeah, it did make sense : D

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