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Inspired by Weird and Wonderful Nature

The challenge we established on Inspire Me Nails was “Inspired by Weird and Wonderful Nature” – this challenge is running for two weeks and people are invited to do as many manis are they are… well.. inspired to.  As admin in the group and instigator in this challenge I feel it is my responsibility to do a couple of manis as well as curating the inspiration album. In the inspiration album so far there was a number of different images but this one particular plant was just so striking and I instantly had an idea for a mani I wanted to do.

I loved the contrast of the green and the purple as well as the angular shape of the leaves. When I broke a corner off one of my nails I decided to give in to some friendly peer pressure and try out the almond nail shape! This shape is also perfect for this plant so all in all a very good place to start. Let me know what you think about the new shape; I think it’s really feminine and although it was horrifying filing away I think it’s worth the effort for a cool change. I guess the good things about nails is they do grow reasonably quickly so if I hated it at least I wouldn’t have to put up with it for too long.


TAAA DAAAAAAA I created a kind of layered leaf look on most of my nails – I started with a base of OPI Front Lawn  and then created diagonals on top using Nails Inc Belgrave Mews then with a straight flat brush I carefully added in my leaf lines. I think I possibly should have done these in acrylic rather than nail polish but I really wanted a colour match for the base and I think it turned out ok although as the polish oxidises in the air it does thicken and your lines get a lot more blobby so I would suggest doing one nail at a time with a fresh source blob each time. I love Belgrave Mews because it has this gorgeous bronze shimmer which I think adds depth and texture to the design. Warning: Front Lawn will stain – please double up on basecoat or use white undies! 


On my accent nail I started with Moyra 56 which you can see on its own in my cherry blossom nails HERE, it is just such an insanely bright gorgeous colour OM NOM NOM. Onto my base I added a sponged gradient that combines the Moyra with OPI Bouquet of Violets. SO nice to work without having to do a white base for a change. I did think about adding purple to my leaf nails but I didn’t want to mess them up… too chicken.


Everything was carefully top coated and I was one. I think this is a design that would need decals, stamping or a lot of practice to achieve on both hands but that said, it’s not too complicated and doesn’t take too long as there isn’t too much wait time between details. I LOVE these colours together, I don’t do a lot of grassy greens or purples but these are working for me and are so vivid in the sunshine. I’d like to invite you all to join in the Inspire Me Nails challenge and even if you don’t have time to join in right now it would be great to have you in a very creative group packed full of ideas.

You can see all the other designs so far here:


11 comments on “Inspired by Weird and Wonderful Nature

  1. Lisa N.
    August 10, 2014

    Wow never seen a plant like that. Great inspiration!

  2. MO
    August 10, 2014

    Gorgeous plant and the purples for the gradient are stunning x

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      August 10, 2014

      They’re purples that seem to glow on the nail – both fab colours. I think the contrast with the greens brings it out too.

  3. Ali@FixinToFaff
    August 10, 2014


  4. Catherine Dream
    August 13, 2014

    I REALLY like the subtle shimmer in the stamped design, makes it look interesting and deeper.

    So impressed with you filling down and completely differently your nails! I’m way too chicken. Really. Nail blogging has changed me, man.

    But they DEFINITELY look so feminine and delicate, love your nail shape!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      August 14, 2014

      Oh I didn’t stamp the design 🙂 I did that free hand – maybe I should add a little pictorial as it wasn’t too complicated a paint job (this is me and freehand we’re talking about after all).

      I am totally obsessed with this nail shape now – I really think this makes my fingers look so much more slender (I have fat long fingers)AND *touch wood* no breaks and cracks so far.

      • Catherine Dream
        August 14, 2014

        Oh, oh, all of it? Looks great, I understood that you stamped some of it, and then added in freehand. Maybe I’m starting to have a headache to, it’s late. ; )

        I want my fingers to be slender too! They’re so chubby : D (I’m on mission ‘love myself’ so I’m trying to say that with love.)

        You just filled the edges basically? (You know my nails shape)

      • pocketmoneypolishes
        August 14, 2014

        Nope – I painted on the V in one polish and added in the lines of the leaf veins in the other 🙂 I probably mis-communicated in my post waffle, I’ll check it tomorrow when brain is fully functional.

        Re shape: I put a little dot on my nail centre for guidance and then filed the edges before rounding them (as the points were terrifying).

      • Catherine Dream
        August 14, 2014

        That actually sounds even more terrifying than me just theorising about doing it… Although the dots in the middle are kinda BRILLIANT.

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