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Q is for… ermm Princess

I didn’t have a Q in my collection and I thought about buying one but couldn’t find anything I loved and then time was running out so I decided to have a look at my database (which desperately needs updating) and see if there were any other appropriate polishes. I thought about doing some Q  inspired art but just settled in the end on doing another P post as this polish is so pretty and has been unused for a little while. Ramble done. Don’t forget the other ladies taking part in this challenge will have their posts up throughout the day – why not see what they have been up to for the challenge of ‘Q’ over on the AtoZ hubpage? So without further ado…



Meet Catrice Crushed Crystals Princess this is a pinky coral texture with stunning gold/green irridescent sparkle. This texture catches the light amazingly – Crushed Crystals really is the perfect description for it. It is a fine milled texture so not particularly rough or sharp to the touch and would probably only need one thick coat of topcoat to be reasonably smooth (although I have not tested this out as I love the texture). I used two thin coats for my coverage and you can only just see VNL in bright lights so 2 thicker coats or a third coat and you would be undeniably opaque. Dry time was very reasonable for a texture too, taking no longer than a normal polish without quick dry topcoat. The brush is also lovely and wide so I could cover my nails in 1-2 strokes – which I really like,  I really struggle being neat with narrow brushes especially when I paint wrong-handed.


I couldn’t decide for a while what I wanted to do for an accent with this polish, I thought about stamping something floral but then I remembered about my loose glitter leftovers from polish making days. I decided my Princess needed a unicorn…


I started with a medium coat of Nails Inc Bloomsbury Way which is a cream polish with pink tones and while this was still wet I sprinkled some loose .040 iridescent hex glitter on the top – it sparkles gold to orange picking up the warm tones of Princess but when not reflecting light the glitter looks like a mosaic of blue and purple. This iridescent glitter is going to be great for the winter for snowy nails. I gently pushed the glitter down and then washed my hands under a fast running tap to remove the excess glitter. This is much easier than trying to brush it off – TRUST ME. Once my hands and nails were dry I added some topcoat to this nail – mainly just to make sure the glitter wasn’t going to malt.

Princess This mani makes me feel super girly and I can’t stop waving my hand around looking at the sparkles. I want to say a thank you to Annette who got me this beautiful polish as part of a gift swap we did, cannot believe how long it has taken me to properly wear this beauty! I hope you forgive me for not having a ‘Q’ polish for you this week and that you like this mani! I did think about adding some more faff to it but decided that sometimes enough is enough.


6 comments on “Q is for… ermm Princess

  1. iamfernanda
    August 14, 2014

    omg! love that polish!! soo cute ❤

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      August 14, 2014

      Thank you me too. I would not have picked it got myself but adore it now I have it! !

  2. Lisa N.
    August 14, 2014

    That is a pretty and sparkly pink!

  3. MO
    August 14, 2014

    Was only thinking yesterday about how I’d never get through this challenge as I wouldn’t have a polish for every letter. Pretty sure I haven’t got a Q either x

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      August 14, 2014

      Yes there are a few bum letters towards the end of the alphabet… but I surprised myself with how many letters I actually did have in my collection.

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