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Stephanie Says… Fashion Project

Do you have unwanted designer things that you want to get rid of but really don’t want to bring them to the Salvation Army? And you know they won’t sell on Ebay? Well look no further! I have found your donating dilemma. It is called Fashion Project and they are affiliated with Nordstrom’s. You know they are legit!


So what is Fashion Project? Fashion Project’s mission is to “raise as much money as possible for charity by creating a community where their members can donate clothing and shop for causes they care about. Their members are their hero’s- every sweater, handbag, or designer shoe donated, starts a movement that impacts the lives of others around the world.”


How it works:


1. Request a pre-paid donation bag

2. Fill it up and shipping is free

3. Donations are treated to a photo shoot

4. Donations get listed on Fashion Project

5. Purchase with purpose. (55% of the net proceeds from every item sold on Fashion Project goes to support a charity of your choice off of their pre-approved list)

6. Get rewarded (for every 5 designer items donated, get a $40 gift card to Nordstrom’s)


There are some conditions, all items must be on their “pre-approved designer list” which is on their website. Clothes cannot be from Target, or a store from the mall, it must be designer items like Coach, Betsey Johnson, Juicy, J. Crew, Fendi, Prada, etc.


Fashion Project does not accept items with no brand, children’s clothing, bathing suits/intimates, items with fading, stains or tears, inauthentic items, and altered items. Other than that you are ready to donate!


I cannot wait to start donating! I have so many handbags that I don’t use anymore and clothes that are too big for me. Off the top of my head, I have about 10 items I can donate. That’s $80 in my pocket! I really like that the gift card is from Nordstrom’s. You know their quality in clothing and other items are top of the line and it’s not just clothes, they have items you can buy for any area of your home.


We all can make a difference especially since this is so easy to do! Pull an Eminem and clean out your closet! I can go on and on about Fashion Project but I think you guys get the point! So start donating today!!!


As always, thank you for reading Stephanie Says.




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One comment on “Stephanie Says… Fashion Project

  1. Lisa N.
    August 15, 2014

    Thanks for sharing this!

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