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H&M Starstruck


This polish was bought for me by the lovely Emma (ImaginationinColour) during one of our many coffee dates and it is so stinking pretty… I did the normal thing of putting it somewhere “safe” when I first got it and only recently found it again hiding in the back of my textured polish drawer. Saturday nights in the Smith household consist of Dad going out with his friends, and, me and mum binge watching TV and doing nails. This week she went for Bouquet of Violets with some white stamping which came out very nicely BUT I managed to get Konad Special Polish White all over my mani and pretty much trashed it trying to gently clear it off. I gave into the inevitable and removed all of my polish from both hands and stared at my blank canvases; I decided it was time to try out H&M Starstruck. It all started out as an accent nail but I liked it so much… every nail got it. Like most split second decisions on a Saturday night this is awesome at the time but I am totally going to have a polish hangover when it comes time to deal with glitter removal #nailpolishaddictproblems.


Let me say off the bat that NONE of these pictures do this polish justice. It is super sparkly and full of twinkling movement, this polish looks different in varying lights and I think it is actually best in low light when it catches a light source… MAGIC. It is jam packed with micro glitter in silver, blue, green and red/orange with a slightly grey tinted base. To the naked eye this mani does look completely opaque.


I used one thin coat followed by a medium coat and followed by a thin coat just to fill any bald patches. The dry times isn’t super quick so I used a fast drying topcoat to speed things along. The H&M nail polish brush is relatively short and wide and does carry a lot of product, I remove at least half before touching my nails. Clean up wasn’t too bad – just a little bit of patience, acetone and a brush, then wash hands to remove any lingering glitter. I think this polish is unique, eye catching with a good formula that could also be used for glitter detailing on nail art or in a thin coat over other colours. I believe this retails for £2.95 and comes in a 9ml bottle. I am a super fan of the shape of H&M bottles, they just feel so solid and the boxy shape is just so pleasingly neat and continental.

Starstruck1I wish you could see this sparkling away on my nails in person – it’s like when Christmas lights reflect in a puddle on a dark night. This is New Years Eve in Times Square on your nails and then in daylight its like glittering particles of crushed shells in sand… I know these pictures don’t look like it has good coverage but honestly, to the naked eye it is just solid glitter magic.


….a few days later


I faffed. I added some black stamping from MoYou Sailor 03 in Konad Special Polish Black.


As you can see the glitter mani really held up perfectly over the couple of days I wore it – the only thing that annoys me about this polish is that Starstruck HATES having its picture taken.  Removal with foil was pretty painless actually – it came off in a few minutes will little muss or fuss.


3 comments on “H&M Starstruck

  1. Lisa N.
    August 17, 2014

    Its so sparkly! I like the stamping too.

  2. berlinnails
    August 18, 2014

    I nominated you for The Liebster Award, here’s the link http://ellanailsblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/18/liebster-award/

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