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ARRGHH X Marks the Spot!


This is Cindy hand so please forgive any painting imperfections – I am really not ambidextrous. I got this polish in a swap FOREVER ago with Kerrie from PishPoshandPolish – it came in a set with some bedazzled skull charms (which refused to stick on my nails even with nail glue *grump*). Nails Inc Leather Effect is essentially a very soft matte texture and comes in a variety of colours, this is the only one I have so I can’t comment on the rest but I *believe* Cazzy from SpecialGirlNails has nearly all of them and has reviewed over on her blog so might be worth having a look over there if you want to know more. This one is called Soho Mews and is a lovely light tan colour, I think this is two coats and I don’t remember any issues (I did this quite late one night and didn’t take notes). It really reminded me of antique paper which is where I got the inspiration for the mani.


With a fine brush and some watered down black acrylic I first dotted in my treasure map line with a quick X to mark the spot. Onto my ring finger, ever trusted accent nail I did a big blob, a cross through the big blob (with some lil lines coming off each point and then some lines for the teeth. May not be anything like an anatomically close to an actual skull but I think it gets the idea across and this mani is meant to be fun and easy. I only used acrylic paint because my black nail polish was elsewhere although in many cases acrylic is a lot easier to work with for free hand nail art but be aware you will need to topcoat these designs as otherwise water will wash it away and it will also probably flake away over time.  Nail polish may have been a better choice for this design as to topcoat the mani would probably erase the textured effect of the base polish – live and learn.


Finally, onto my skull I stuck on a couple of teeny diamond shaped rhinestones from a Born Pretty Store wheel to add some teasurey bling. I really enjoyed this lil mani, it might not be perfect but it was fun to do and fun to wear.


3 comments on “ARRGHH X Marks the Spot!

    August 26, 2014

    wowow! Leather effect nails?!!! Fabulous as always, I love the
    ‘x’ marks the spot/pirate theme! I enjoy looking at all your designs and I’m nowhere as artistic as you!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      August 26, 2014

      Awww lol it’s all just learning a few tricks and watching a lot of youtube 🙂 I really enjoyed checking out your blog!

  2. Lisa N.
    August 27, 2014

    These are cute!

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