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Autumn Hauling

Today I thought I would share with you some of the polishes I have picked up for autumn in the last couple of weeks – weirdly, I’ve ended up with a lot of new purples despite it usually being one of the last colours I want to buy, it’s especially weird when you consider just how many gorgeous browns have recently been released but I suppose we NPA are very fickle creatures and as soon as they’re not available I will be crying that I don’t have them, I am going to go through this by brand and waffle about why I chose things and where I got them.

As soon as the OPI Nordics appeared on TNBL I put in my order for Ice-Bergers and Fries (I was doing a shared order with a friend), one of the other items we ordered ended up being out of stock so I also got Suzi Has A Swede Tooth on a whim panic decision. As annoying as it is to order something only to them be told you can’t have it, I have to say TNBL did work to resolve the problem and even bumped up our delivery to a faster service so I can’t fault them in terms to helping a customer out when it does go pear shaped. I have already written and shared a blog post about these polishes so HERE is the link to that.


Fragrance Direct recently added lots of new OPIs to their £3.99 range – including some of the mystery collection shades – and I zoomed in when I spotted This Gown Needs A Crown which is the satin finish silver foil sister of Love.Angel.Music.Baby. I have been after this polish for a while but kind of gave up on it as it was in the 2013 LE Miss Universe collection which all but disappeared relatively quickly after release. Now you can’t just order one bottle of polish, I  noticed that they had the other two colours from this three bottle collection and thought “why not?”. I think with delivery my order came to about £15 which isn’t too bad for three OPIs – I had checked reviews so I did know in advance that all of the formulas were good. So let me tell you a little about my additional choices: Miss You-Niverse is a really dark indigo inky purple which is pretty much a one coater if my swatch wheel is anything to go by and then there is I’m Feeling Sashy which is a warm toned dusty mauve colour.  I remember when this collection first came out I thought the colour was absolutely VILE… now I own it… it’s beautiful. Totally a me colour. Pretty unusual too – much more of a Zoya or a Nails Inc colour, if that makes sense? I think this one will be 2-3 coats. I haven’t used any of these on my nails yet but I am SUPER excited and they will used very soon. Oh before I forget, the packaging on these polishes was BAD – the three of them were found rolling between two air pillows in a box… and the top air pillow was pretty deflated, they were in one piece though thankfully.  Some rough and ready bottle shots coming up:





FINALLY, I hit Nail Polish Direct for some China Glaze. Now, I used to order my OPI from Nail Polish Direct but then their prices went up and I found cheaper options, as far as I know they are the best place in terms of range of China Glaze and pretty close to also having the best price at £3.99  including VAT with free UK Delivery. I was actually really excited by China Glaze’s fall collections – after seeing repeats of similar pastels for spring and similar neons for summer and with a lot of hit and miss formulas reported it seems like the change of the season has now pushed CG back on track. Lots of very happy bloggers in terms of formula and range for their All Aboard (fall collection) and The Giver (Movie collaboration) collections. The Giver collection doesn’t seem to have appeared here in the UK, but I am keeping my eyes peeled! All Aboard has very much arrived and the stand out polish Choo Choo Choose sold out FAST, I actually had to wait for the restock to get my bottle. It is such a weird polish to try and describe with it’s dusty blurple colour and copper to green shimmer.

Once I saw it in stock it was straight in my basket… I probably should have checked out then and there but instead I browsed through their entire CG Stock. So many stunning and older polishes! After a few hours going through swatches I ended up with about 6 polishes in my basket… too many. While all of this was going on, my friend Ashley (creator of Spellbound Nails) was talking to me about her Halloween collection and I was over taken by the ghoulish spirit so I emptied my basket (except for Choo Choo) and went back through the Halloween collections… I ended up picking out Howl You Doin from last years collection which is a dark purple base with purple and orange flakies and orange glitter (possible sister/dupe for OPI Merry Midnight/Orly Fowl Play). THEN I spotted right at the end that they had THIS years collection in. Well… would be rude to say no to brand new, only just released China Glaze. There’s a really great live swatch and review for this whole collection on Youtube which helped me decide that Rest in Pieces would be my pick from this collection – this is a really fun glitter and perfect for autumn with it’s copper, gold holo and black pieces. These literally arrived today so I haven’t had chance to swatch them yet on a wheel but I am EXCITED.

Rough and ready bottle shots strike again, I did my best to capture sparkles and shimmers, don’t worry there will be better shots when I use these polishes:




Haul3The budget says this is probably it for a little while but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a wishlist – I really love a couple of the new BarryMs, the Zoya Ignite collection is just so stinking pretty, I definitely want a couple from the China Glaze The Giver collection… a nail polish addicts list is never ending, oh and I want one of the glitters from the OPI/Peanuts collab collection. I am also loving some of the recent MoYou plates and have a few I have been putting off buying until the season changes (as they were more autumn/winter images)… like I said never ending. I have been super busy with the MoYou rainbow challenge/competition  so fingers crossed , it’s been super fun and I have a few manis to share with you next week! Have a great weekend ❤ I hope you enjoyed my haul, what do you think of my picks?




6 comments on “Autumn Hauling

  1. iamfernanda
    August 29, 2014

    loving that mani!! ♥♥♥

  2. Lisa N.
    August 29, 2014

    Really nice polishes you picked up!

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