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MoYou Rainbow: Blown Away Blue

BlueMani2This is actually a mani that I came up with just before I started painting, normally I have ideas and elements that have stewed in my brain for a while but this was a fresh idea from just sitting and looking at my plates. I actively wanted to avoid the nautical and sea themed as this would obviously be a popular inspiration, this lead me to the sky…  I didn’t want to do clouds or a kite… then I spotted the girl with balloons on Rebel 2 and the gusty swirls on my Mother Nature 14 and it all kind of came together.


I started with Nails Inc Baker Street which one of my nail friends had shared a picture of that day – this is a great mid blue, and application for me is easy in 2 thin coats. This is the colour that I have been wanting to use for a china white and blue mani and just haven’t gotten around to. Once the base was dry I stamped on my gusty “autumn” second of tree from Mother Nature 14 (which is a full image play depicting four trees going through the seasons, with woodland animals and various fauna, I used the rabbit/hare from this plate for THIS mani) in Konad Special Polish White, super opaque and crisp white for stamping that I definitely recommend.


I was just going to stamp the little girl onto plain blue but then I took a look at my plates and spotted a fine swirl on Suki 07 – I used Barrym Matte White to stamp this image and as you can see it doesn’t have the same opacity which was perfect for this design. I do think this is a good polish for stamping but just not AS crisp and bright white as the Konad. I did decal the little girl to position her on the right angle and just have her fit properly on my nail – just picked up the image on my stamper, put a thin layer of topcoat over the top, waited for it to dry and then peeled off to stick into wet topcoat on my nail. I topcoated everything and there we go.  I do want to thank Ashley who did air brush out a few nasty dry bits on my fingers – as you know I don’t really photoshop my fingers BUT the dry bits were detracting from my design so they needed to be vanquished. I have been oiling like mad ever since and things are getting better. I think this is possibly my favourite design of the ones I did – I hope you like it! Which of my designs for this competition has been your favourite so far? I have one more coming up for you… I think it will probably be coming up on Friday 🙂



3 comments on “MoYou Rainbow: Blown Away Blue

  1. Lisa N.
    September 3, 2014

    That blue is gorgeous. The white stamping looks great with it too.

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