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Barrym Haul

Ok my official last haul for a little while – my boots FINALLY got the new Barryms in and they were all gorgeous. I needed a new gold for stamping and there was a buy one get one half price offer going so… yeh..

BarrymCocoa BarrymPaprika

Ok both of these have photographed lighter than they are but I have them swatched on a wheel down below which is closer in accuracy. From the new Gelly’s I chose Cocoa and Paprika – both of these seem to be great in two coats, you could maybe get away with one if you use a thicker application. SUPER glossy finish. Cocoa is the perfect dark chocolate colour – I would say this is a neutral brown, it’s not as cool toned as my espressos but is colder in tone than OPI Ice Bergers and Fries (my other recent chocolate brown pick). Paprika is warm, spicey rusty burnt orange terracota – I have pulled lots of polishes from my collection and nothing is even close – I thought OPI Ginger Bells would be close but nope. Happy to post pictures if people want to see comparisons – just let me know!

BarrymCaspian BarrymMediterranean

Now I was sorely tempted by the rest of the new releases – especially that green – but then I spotted these stunning duochromes from the Aquarium Collection. These I think were released in the spring of this year and I thought they were nice but nothing special, now in autumn light I think they’re glorious and I had to have them. Caspian is a very subtle light gold to rose gold – just beautiful and understated, from the swatch wheel I think this is probably going to be 2-3 coats for opacity but I love the shimmer and the tone. Mediterranean  is just autumn magic in a bottle in it’s flip between gold to orange to pink – I have a Sally Hansen polish (called Lava… maybe?) that is similar but I couldn’t find my bottle to do a side by side. Again I think this is going to be a 2-3 coater on the nail. I love shimmers, metallics and foils as we head into the cooler months.


This is Rose Quartz – I picked this up because it was glittering away at me and they didn’t have Barrym Matt White (which I really need another bottle of). This is a dupe for OPI Pinky Yet Lavender with it’s rose gold hexes and holographic sparkle – it’s been out a while and I think is only £2.99 so definitely a pocket money alternative to the OPI. Barrym’s are only 10ml bottles and I think this is the only brand where I have finished bottles of colour (Cyan Blue was one of my first ever polishes and is all gone!) but they are good quality for the money and do offer a fair range of finishes. I did also get Barrym Foil Effect Gold  – I didn’t photograph as this is a repurchase and pretty much a standard gold metallic BUT it is perfect for stamping (had you missed that memo) as is its sister polish Silver.


Here we are – two coats of all the polishes on a wheel for you – no base or topcoat. I can’t wait to use these polishes – they’re just staring at me from the bookshelf waiting to be used.  What do you think of my choices? Have you embraced the season change or are you still holding on to your summer brights? I do still wear whatever I fancy no matter what the season but I do seem naturally drawn to different colours depending on the time of the year. Did you miss my other autumn haul picks? Let me grab you a LINK.


5 comments on “Barrym Haul

  1. Lisa N.
    September 8, 2014

    Some new colors to play with.

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  3. Catherine Dream
    October 6, 2014

    Barry M gold foil – there ain’t NOTHING better than this for stamping ❤

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