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Barrym Gelly Cocoa – two different looks with loose glitter

So while I was ill I pretty much couldn’t stomach the thought of painting my nails but I had these new Barryms were staring at me… so in between naps and medicine I managed to paint my left hand and then after another nap I came up with a look for my right hand. I haven’t done a lot of loose glitter placement, the fiddly faffiness always had me thinking it was going to be super time consuming and frustrating but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The biggest problem I had with the technique was I was placing into topcoat that was drying WAAAAY too quickly – so I would recommend using clear regular polish to place into.

CocoaLW1Here is design number one – as I could use my dominant hand for placement I decided to so some straight lines with my glitter. I tipped out some of my Ciate Miss Mistletoe loose glitter mix and spread it out on some paper – this is a really easy way to be able to choose the pieces you want individually, you can also funnel your excess back into the funnel. Choosing pieces out of the bottle or pot is nearly impossible and you will probably end up with clumps of glitter. I used a fine brush with some tacky topcoat on the end to pick up but pretty much anything with a point will work. I started with the line down the centre of my nail and just kept working – you can see some imperfections where I have problems with bubbles of dried topcoat not taking glitter although to the naked eye these really aren’t that visible.

CocoaIGFor my second accent nail I stamped some leaves from MoYou Mother Nature 14 onto my nail in Barrym Foil Effect Gold, I added a diagonal swipe of Barrym Gelly Cocoa for an even(ish) divide across my nail. I topcoated in HK Girl and then set about adding my double line of glitter – I used only the pink and red glitters from the mix as I already had the gold in the stamping. My placement isn’t perfect but I was really happy with how this mani turned out and you’ll be surprised how little glitter this really is, I have not even made a dent in my mini bottle. All the glitter is smooth with one medium coat of topcoat, if you’re a thin applier then you might need two.


For my second hand I decided to try out something else because… why not. I began with two coats of Barrym Gelly Cocoa which really is a beautiful brown chocolate polish that has a really lovely fomula – slightly thicker than OPI but totally self levelling and super glossy. As soon as my base was dry I applied some Barrym Caspian which is a gold duochrome from the Aquarium collection; I used a dry brush technique which basically means removing as much of the polish as possible from your brush and then swiping across the nail for a distressed look. The finish actually reminded me of wood so for my loose glitter I created some folk arty blossoms. These glitters were applied by my non-dominant hand so were never going to be perfect but I decided to just work with that and I think it actually makes me feel the design is more autumny – the idea of fading and falling blossoms. I dunno, maybe that’s just me. I have to say right now – this glitter is super sparkly metallic so kept flaring in my lightbox when I tried to take pictures but I hope you get a good idea of the designs from the pics I have managed to get. Hope you’re having a great week!




2 comments on “Barrym Gelly Cocoa – two different looks with loose glitter

  1. Lisa N.
    September 9, 2014

    I like the two looks with loose glitter! There nice.

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