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V is for Victoria

By the time this post appears I will have finished watching all of the current American Horror Story series.. I only started watching last week… yes, I have a problem. Don’t forget to see what the other lovely ladies have been up to this week and see previous posts by checking out the AtoZ Series Page. 



For AtoZ this week I did an American Horror Story inspired mani and I did smudge it a little but I don’t care. For anyone not familiar with the show AHS combines classic horror stories and urban legends under themed series (the first was Haunted House, second was Asylum and the third was Coven… coming up next is Freak Show) – the cast for the most part stays the same from series to series but their characters are completely different as are the stories. I also find the tone of the series are very different from each other – I won’t say too much cause I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but this is definitely worth a look. I promise it is not TOO scary… if it were then I wouldn’t watch it, BIGGEST.BABY.EVER. It is somewhat gory, very dark and a little sexy so not one for the kids. Ok back to the mani.



The main polish used this week is Nails Inc Victoria which is a super dark vampy oxblood jelly, I only have half of my bottle left! The formula on mine is slightly syrupy but it is not too bad to work with and the colour is SO DEEP in two coats. It can look black in low lighting but at the same time… it’s got something more to it. I didn’t have too much trouble with lighter rims around the edges where my coats didn’t match up but clean it is a bit tricky with this colour as it is pigmented and red which means it has a huge potential for messy staining. This dries super glossy on its own but didn’t have the quickest dry time so I did end up using HK Girl Topcoat to speed everything up so I could get on with my art. Using a fine short nail art brush and white acrylic paint I added my letters in my best imitation of the AHS font – I should have waited a little longer to topcoat but live and learn!


Finally.  for my ring finger accent I used two coats of Chirality Dahmer Crunch which is as off white based packed with a variety of sized matte black hexes, small squares and the finest scattering  of iridescent particles. Cuticles are still in rehab so sorry about their appearance – I am trying to up my moisturising, oiling and lesson my use of remover by wearing my manis for a little longer.


Hopefully you can see the iridescent better here. I did take off my AHS accent as I needed matching hands for the next day but doesn’t mean I didn’t love it. I really am impressed with the Chirality Cereal Killer Collection – every one I have used so far has been great to work with, no dragging or patchyness. The only thing I will say is even though it was relatively smooth to start with this polish seemed to just eat up my topcoat never quite achieving that perfect glassy finish.


Here’s part of the poster for season two and my central inspiration for the colours of this mani. I hope you liked it! Let me know what you think (of the show… of the polishes…of the mani…) with a comment below.  P.S. is it just me or does halloween seem to have come early to lots of blogs this year?




14 comments on “V is for Victoria

  1. Lisa N.
    September 18, 2014

    What a deep vampy color. I like that crelly color a lot.

    September 19, 2014

    Loooove the dark colors and the creative design! It’s that time of the year for spookiness…I still have some dark OPI colors from past collections, still in pretty good condition!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      September 19, 2014

      OPI make some cracking darks! I have a black label bottle of Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ but haven’t managed to use it yet.

  3. bettysbeautybombs
    September 21, 2014

    I’m a huge fan of AHS. I think the first season is their best, but I’m really looking forward to season 4!!!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      September 22, 2014

      Totally agree… I thought the second one was good, so much FACT in it though. Was bitterly disappointed with third in the end. Not long till four eeeeeeeee!!!

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  5. Catherine Dream
    October 6, 2014

    Love this, especially the addition of Chirality, it looks fantastic in this combo!

    AHS is great, I LOOOVED Coven and Haunted House, just brilliant storylines, but didn’t finish Asylum… 😉

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      October 6, 2014

      I was so disappointed by coven 😦

      • Catherine Dream
        October 6, 2014


      • pocketmoneypolishes
        October 6, 2014

        I just didn’t like how it wrapped up and also how they killed off some characters.

      • Catherine Dream
        October 6, 2014

        Well I liked it, but probaly because I went to a boarding school, and I got a real kick out of comparing the two 😀

      • pocketmoneypolishes
        October 6, 2014

        I went to an all girl school so know what you meant

      • Catherine Dream
        October 6, 2014

        Oh the charms of an all girls school ;)))

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