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The Nail Arcade: Metal Fish Slices

Disclaimer: The fish used in this post were supplied to me for honest review and as ever that is what I shall be providing. All other products (to the best of my memory) were purchased by myself – this doesn’t really make a difference, I would still tell you if they were crap or, of course, awesome. Any links included are in no way sponsored or affiliate – just there to be helpful. Think that’s it.. let’s get on with the mani 😀


When I first received my little envelope of goodies I was so excited and also wasn’t sure what I wanted to use first, but every time I opened it up to take another peek I found myself drawn to these little fishies. I decided to try and so an abstract(ish) nautical themed mani around them and this is what I came up with. On my index and my pinky I started with two coats of Barrym Matt White which has reached the perfect consistency now (have you ever noticed how some white polishes improve with age?) over the top of this I stamped an abstract swirling wave pattern using MoYou Sailor 03 and Essie Snake It UpSnake it Up is technically a magnetic effect polish but I decided just to use it plain as I just think it’s a great dark denim colour with great opacity; this forms the base of my fishy middle finger. Finally on my ring finger I applied a base of PVA Glue and two coats of Ciate Jewel. NailArcadeFish2

This was my first time trying out a PVA Glue base to make glitter removal easier and it actually does work pretty well – I am not sure I will do it all the time but for glitters as dense as Jewel it is certainly worth while. The blue tinted base and holographic silver bars of the ciate polish make me think of really dense schools of fish which catch the light when they change directions (I also just think this is an awesome polish).


So onto The Nail Arcade’s Metal Fish Slices  – these applied easily into topcoat for the most part but I did have issues with them not laying flat on the curve of my nail. As you can see the lower one sits nicely but the one at the top had sticky out fin issues and actually ended up snagging on everything even after topcoat. HOWEVER I spoke to Rachel about this problem and she said that all I need to do is bend the pieces slightly before application – this is such a sensible idea, it makes me feel like a wally for not thinking of it at the time. I have since tried this and it does work, just gently grip them in tweezers and squeeze either end to create your arch. These fish have a coppery colour on one side and a silver colour on the other – I am not sure if this is just a front and back thing or to add variation but either way I like that there is a two tone option from one product. If you’re careful you might be able to reuse these slices but that’s  up to you, they don’t feel super flimsy and are slightly thicker than a loose glitter. I have some turtles in my sample pack which I can’t wait to try next although I am not quite sure what I am going to do with them yet – any suggestions?


As you can see these fishies do have a lovely reflective shine and I think they would be super eye catching on bright manicures in the summer! I don’t think these are up in the shop yet but I believe they’re coming very soonTo find out more about The Nail Arcade here are the social media and shop links:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/TheNailArcade

Twitter: @thenailarcade

Etsy: http://etsy.com/shop/TheNailArcade

One last thing I forgot to mention is how cute the packaging is that these came in. They come in little cellophane pouches and are sealed with a heart and a label – I know Rachel has put lots of thought into her wrapping and it really does make a difference, plus it makes storage and not losing or mixing up these small nail art pieces a lot simpler.

So what do you think? Have you used metal slices like these before? Let me know with a comment below!



5 comments on “The Nail Arcade: Metal Fish Slices

  1. Lisa N.
    September 23, 2014

    This is pretty and sparkly! Love the stamping on the ring and pinky.

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      September 23, 2014

      Thank you 😀 I thought the image was an interesting take on waves and swirls and was very pleased with how well the Essie polish stamped

  2. MO
    September 23, 2014

    These look amazing! I love the whole mani. The fish are a bit awesome though x

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      September 23, 2014

      Aren’t they just?! Wait till you see the turtles… I am thinking maybe week after next they’ll make it onto the blog. Thanks for your comment lovely! 😀

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