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Nailpolish.co.uk: China Glaze Glimmer More

Disclaimer: China Glaze Glimmer More was sent to me for honest review by nailpolish.co.uk (a company I have previously ordered from as a normal customer), all opinions however are my own. This post is not sponsored nor does it have affiliate links although I have included links to nailpolish.co.uk so you can easily find the site and the polishes.


Ok so before we get into the mani let me talk about my experiences with Nailpolish.co.uk as a site and a service – firstly it is a really easy site to navigate with a growing selection of polishes, the prices are very reasonable especially when you fact in that VAT is included and shipping is FREE no matter how many bottles you purchase. If you use the code autumn you currently get 20% off which is cool, I can’t remember when this runs out but the details are on their facebook page (I think it is two weeks). When I ordered from them previously I was impressed with how quickly my polishes were dispatched and arrived and both of my experiences have had my parcels carefully packaged with individually bubble wrapped polishes inside a bubble mailer with correct hazard label. As ever with online shopping I recommend checking out swatches and reviews by bloggers and friends and obviously shop around for the best deals – I can say from my personal experiences that I have no complaints at all about this service. I haven’t had to use their customer service but through my contact with them they do seem to have a very good attitude and awareness of what customers expect and should experience. Their China Glaze retails for £4.95.


This BEAUTIFUL glitter is called Glimmer More and it’s from the China Glaze Surprise Collection which was released earlier this year – I think I totally overlooked them at the time but now I am wondering just how. This polish is a great mix of pastel toned matte glitter (yellow, pink and orange) with smaller metallic magenta hexes in a clear base – I think this mix is super unusual for a mainstream brand and much more what we would expect from indies. The other polishes in this collection are also mixes of matte and metallic glitters and I think there are some really interesting colour combinations especially for autumn.


For my mani on most of my nails I started with a base of OPI Nein Nein Nein, Ok Fine! which is a beautiful dark grey with slight green undertones, on my ring finger I have two coats of OPI Mod About You which is my favourite baby pink polish and is about to be re-released for this years Breast Cancer Awareness Duo from OPI – GET IT! Once this base was dry on the grey nails I added ONE coat of Glimmer More – I swirled the brush in the bottle and applied to the nails – I didn’t want to faff because I wanted you guys to see the distribution and application of the glitters. As you can see it does apply pretty evenly although the larger pieces can do with some coaxing on the nail but you really don’t need more than one good coat of this stuff as a topper (unless of course you’re going for a super dense look).

For the nail art I used a thin brush to apply Nein Nein Nein to look like branches and then blobbed some glitter out onto an envelope and used a dotting tool to apply the glitters to create my autumn tree. Everything got a lick of topcoat and I was done – I have to confess here that I had topcoat issues again this week as I am using dregs BUT the mani should be smooth with one coat of good topcoat. I am super impressed with this glitter and can’t wait to try it with other base colours… maybe even three coats on its own? Definitely considering going for the others. If you’d like to order a bottle of this polish HERE is the direct link!


9 comments on “Nailpolish.co.uk: China Glaze Glimmer More

  1. Lisa N.
    September 29, 2014

    What a fun glitter. I like the mix of colors in it.

  2. lastcontrast
    September 29, 2014

    Oooh that’s really cool 🙂

  3. Nails of Aquarius
    October 1, 2014

    What a great glitter polish! I love everything about it! I don’t have many China Glaze polishes, but I am going to be on the lookout for this one!

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  5. blimbo2005
    November 7, 2014

    I love how you used the glitter for the trees!

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