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Stephanie Says…Pura Vida

Stephanie Says…. Pura Vida!

I’m back!!!! Hello everyone! I am back from my holiday and I cannot wait to share it will all of you!! My next few posts will be about my holiday from vacation reading, food, drinks, everything!

First off, if you ever have the opportunity to go to Cost Rica… RUN! Do not walk! The small little country of Costa Rica is amazing! Everyone is so happy, nice and willing to lend a helping hand. What a wonderful country!! It says a lot about a country when they do not have an Army and you hardly ever see police. It is extremely safe and the crime rate is low. The whole country is “green”. Green in the sense of yes, there is a lot of greenery since you are in the rainforest but also “green” as in being smart about recycling, using alternative power sources etc. On my trip I learned that Cost Rica’s number one main export is technology, they export more pineapples than Hawaii, and Costa Rican’s only use alternative power sources (solar, wind, water energy) and the power they produce from a power plant is exported out to different countries.

I cannot brag enough about this beautiful country. The country’s logo is “Pura Vida” which means “Pure Life”. Everyone uses is for everything. Instead of saying thank you, the locals say Pura Vida. Instead of hello, they say Pura Vida… get the drift? It is refreshing to hear. So what does Pura Vida really mean besides is literal translation? It means “plenty of life”, “full of life”, to be rich doesn’t mean to have millions in the bank but to have millions that money cannot buy. See! Told you the Costa Ricans are super friendly!

Now, I have to you about my favorite part of the trip! The volcano tour! Costa Rica has many volcanos.   It is a part of the “Ring of Fire” or Continental Divide. Many of the volcanoes are still active! If you are in northern Costa Rica you have to see the Arenal Volcano. What an amazing site to see!! A lot of couples we met down there spent about 2 nights in Arenal before coming to the resort, personally I would skip the overnight stay and just do the day tour that we did. We stayed in Papagayo so the volcano was about 3 hours away. Our tour was an ALL DAY tour but totally worth it. Our tour consisted of a boat ride to the volcano, 2 hours of zip lining, 1.5 hours of hot springs (they are heated by the volcano and leave your skin super soft) and they feed you lunch and dinner which was totally delish. The tour cost $200 a person but you get your money’s worth. Such an amazing tour! Our tour guide, Gio, was extremely knowledgeable, funny and spoke perfect English.

volcano 2

The volcano was absolutely breathtaking. So beautiful and talk about green! I have never seen a shade of green like that until I went to the volcano. The zip lining we were about 1000ft off the ground and holy moly! I thought I pooped my pants multiple times! I lost my voice by the end of the tour I was screaming so loud. I would do it again in a heartbeat because the experience was worth it. The hot springs were extremely relaxing. They were kind of stinky because of the sulfur and will leave your bathing suit smelling horrible but it makes your skin freakishly smooth and soft!


green 2

*I told you there was a lot of green!*

I also did the tour on my birthday and let me tell you it was the best birthday ever! I don’t think I will be able to top this! It was such an amazing and special day. I have to thank my boyfriend for this trip and such an amazing experience.

More to come about my holiday and Cost Rica! For now, enjoy some pictures of our tour!


volcano zip lining

going to zip lin

*This is us going to the top of the zip lining. This picture was taken about half way up the mountain!*


As always, thank you for reading Stephanie Says!





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One comment on “Stephanie Says…Pura Vida

  1. Lisa N.
    October 7, 2014

    Wow what a gorgeous view that must have been!

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