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Recent Purchases (shop till you drop!)

So over the last few weeks I have kind of been on a low buy but you probably wouldn’t know it from this post – I seem to have amassed a lot of new stuff… I only include things I have bought myself in these posts but I have been really lucky getting things to review this/last month – if you want to see those things I have:

CG Sunworshipper (perfect colour for halloween!) – nailpolish.co.uk
CG Glimmer More (really cool and unique glitter topper) – nailpolish.co.uk
Dark Metal Lacquer Cuticle Oil Pen – Dark Metal Lacquer
Nail Art Fish metal slices – The Nail Arcade
Nail Art Laser Blue rhinestones and triangle holo glitter – The Nail Arcade

I am going to apologise again for picture quality – my camera is still away with my parents so I am making do with my cruddy phone camera which is very hit and miss. I will definitely be using and reviewing all of these items at some point so there will be better pictures with those posts!!

First up – I picked up FOUR new MoYou plates. They have a new shipping thing where it’s only free over £15  or you have to pay £3.95 (I think) – which is really crap as three plates come to within pennies of £15. This is exceptionally annoying if you’re working on a budget and I actually think the postage is extortionate for stamping plates which will ship in a 90p posted envelope. Since shipping is almost as much as an extra plate I went for an extra plate – there are loads of plates I want from MoYou so it wasn’t exactly a hardship picking out an extra plate but I think for people on a budget it is pretty sucky – they do sell nail accessories and nail art bits which are a couple of quid but I didn’t need or want them.
Actually before I move on I have another complaint… well.. moan – look at the sleeves! I love the artwork they put into these collections and the sleeves are a cool touch but it would seem either they don’t have enough or they are phasing them out which means I have two generic sleeves. This just means it takes me a little extra time to identify plates and also, I don’t know, I just liked the collection sleeves. I think if people are collecting these things it’s a bit pooey. Ok, complaints done.

I do love MoYou stamping plates – I think some of my best mani designs have used them. I also like how often there are new designs too although it makes it pretty hard to choose what you most want when it comes to buying time or worse deciding when to buy, just in case they put out something you really want the next week. After three days of consideration, debating and discussing I settled on:

Festive 11 – this is technically an easter plate but I couldn’t resist all the little bunny images that make up this full plate image, it makes the crazy bunny lady in me very happy.

Princess 07 – this is actually a plate my Mum chose and it has lots of really cute fairytale style images on it including: a dragon, a which on a broomstick, a castle, a unicorn, a fairy, a mermiad, a magic wand, crowns… you get the idea. The surprise images on this plate for me are Alice and the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland – super cute.

Hipster 01 – I have a problem with the hipster plates, there are lots of images I want across the plates but on each plate there are also things I won’t use so following advice from Sarah (Penny Pinching Polish) I chose the one which had the images that inspired me most and I was more likely to use. This one has a mug, an antelope skull, postage stamp, a little tattoo style bird, some funky words, a penny farthing… check it out on the website.

Kaleidoscope 02 – when I ordered this was the most recent collection and I really like the funky geometric patterns which will be great stamped over lots of different things or made into coloured decals. Currently out of stock but 03 is quite similar just different patterns.


Barrym released a new collection, Glitterati, which are quite similar to the polishes Zoya put out this year – coloured bases packed with iridescent glitters – but at £3.99 slightly more wallet friendly. There are 6 polishes in the collection – I bought four (one was whisked away on holiday). I have swatched these on a nail wheel and they’re a a slightly chunky formula but opaque in 2 coats and very pretty. From left to write are: Fashion Icon, Starlet and Rockstar, the one missing is VIP which is a gorgeous blue. Lucy’s Stash has gorgeous swatches of the whole collection – I have some nail art planned when VIP gets back.

The same time I picked up the Barryms, I popped into TK Maxx and found a gorgeous Sparitual polish called Improvisation  – my phone cannot handle taking a picture but I found THIS BLOG which has stunning and colour accurate pictures. This is my first ever Sparitual so I am excited to try it out, I think it cost me just £3.99 and is a lovely berry coloured jelly/crelly with a blue flash. This is a really lovely autumn colour – it’s weird the things that turn up in TK Maxx, always worth checking! I don’t really know much about the brand but from a quick google they seem to be a premium eco-friendly company, I’ll find out all the details when I get my review done for you.

Finally, I bought two new polishes from this years Holiday collection from China Glaze AKA the Twinkle collection – this collection has a whole mix of things from classic reds to shimmers and glitters. The first I heard of it was on a swatch video on youtube that you can see HERE. Nail Polish Direct always seems to get China Glaze collections early (although they never got The Giver collection *sniff*) so I was really excited when these popped up last week. I chose December To Remember which is a denimy blue with silver shimmer and stronger pink-gold duochrome shimmer. I mainly got this polish because my birthday is in December and I liked the name but I do also think this is a really interesting polish and after the phenomenal Choo Choo Choose You from the All Aboard collection I am definitely getting my CG love back.

My other pick was a glitter topper called Dancing & Prancing, my red phone is being reflected a little by the metallic glitter but this polish is packed with rose gold and multicoloured glitter of various sizes and looks to me like Christmas in a bottle. It is slightly more muted in tone than the classic Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday or OPI Rainbow Connection but is definitely a sibling in concept. Really dense, really twinkly I think you could wear this on its own in 2-3 coats or as a topper.

So, lots of sparkles coming up on the blog VERY soon  – I would love to hear what you think of my purchases and what  you’ve been buying lately! I feel like I am forgetting something… Maybe I need a system for keeping track of new things. I have an acrylic rack which I use for most “new things” that need to be used for the blog but sometimes I just put them into the general population drawers – I don’t have a bad memory for things I buy so don’t see the purpose of untrieds completely separate… maybe I should though. Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know with a comment below!

EDIT: Here is a sneaky peak at China Glaze Dancing & Prancing (2 thin coats) – I couldn’t resist testing this out today over OPI Suzi Has A Swede Tooth 😀 This is natural light on a grey day.

China Glaze Dancing and Prancing


3 comments on “Recent Purchases (shop till you drop!)

  1. Lisa N.
    October 17, 2014

    Really nice purchases recently! Love those MoYou London plates.

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      October 17, 2014

      Thanks Lisa! I was playing with them tonight trying out some mani ideas – the fine line details on MoYou blow my mind.

    October 23, 2014

    I loooove the sparkles on this post and look forward to ‘liking’
    many more soon! I agree I need to see my purchases out front or else they collect dust in dark corners and drawers! I thought I was the only one like this!

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