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Z is for Zoya


I didn’t have a ‘Z’ polish but I thought this was close enough. Zoya polishes are from my experience great but they are pretty pricey to get here in the UK and we weep everytime the US gets their amazing offers – in my opinion these polishes are worth the investment if there is a colour you really like.

For my nails today I used Zoya Elke which is a very pinky red with strong golden shimmer. The formula is beautiful but I used three thin coats for full depth and opacity – this really did not feel like hard work though. I did use topcoat for full shine but it has a fairly glossy finish on its own.

Onto my design – I mentioned to a lovely nuggle (nail muggle) friend that I wasn’t sure what I was going to do this week other than probably use one of my Zoya reds (I have three). She messaged me back a picture of her rug (cropped picture below) and said: Do this! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!



Now many of you probably know I am not super into free hand because frankly I am just not that good at it but I have been watching ALOT of Robin Moses over the last two weeks and didn’t have a stamping plate that would work so I bit the bullet. I started with a base of OPI Skull and Glossbones which is a taupey off white colour – beautiful in two colours. I didn’t want to use a stark white as I wanted the focus to be on the flower not the red and white contrast. I then used Ciate Dangerous Affair to paint in the dark red inner petals using a dotting tool. I built up the petals around these darker ones using Zoya Elke trying to leave the space in between them that is so much a part of this abstract poppy flower design. I mixed A England Bridal Veil with Skull and Glossbones to create a darker and lighter shade of grey by blobbing the paint onto some paper and mixing with a dotting tool – using a small brush I added in the small dots, stem and leaves before topcoating the whole design (VERY CAREFULLY).



I decided to keep my second accent nail very simple and used two coats of the buttery A England Bridal Veil which is a charcoal black polish with a skattered holographic – if you wanted to recreate this design Zoya Storm would be a fab alternative. This could be a one coater if you use a medium coat and have a good three stroke but ermm I missed a bit so had to go back in for a second go. That’s it. Z mani finished and this first AtoZ Series is over! 26 weeks worth of manis from myself and the other bloggers can be found over on the AtoZ Series page. You can see Part One of my AtoZ HERE and the second part HERE if you’d like to scroll through all of my manis. Thanks for sticking with the series, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have!


Coming up next week will be the start of A2Z Series – that’s right, we’re tackling the alphabet again but this time in a slightly different way. I am so excited for the new series – we have a few new faces joining the crew too and I can’t wait to see what we come up with. We will be using the hashtag #A2Z if you want to follow it on instagram and starting next week we will also be running inlinkz in addition to a new series hubpage to make it even easier for you to check out all the manis!


8 comments on “Z is for Zoya

  1. Lisa N.
    October 23, 2014

    You did great recreating that floral print.

    October 23, 2014

    I love Zoya’s vibrant colors! Beautiful design and color combos…You did a fantastic job for this challenge!

  3. Catherine Dream
    October 24, 2014

    Gorgeous colour combo, girl!

  4. Jessica W.
    October 24, 2014

    This looks so awesome, you’ve done an incredible job!

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