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A2Z Series: Meet the Bloggers (and IGers)

I know I don’t usually post on the weekends but I wanted to put together a little post to introduce the bloggers taking part in this second AtoZ series! These are in no particular order and I hope you enjoy this post! Edit: There are a few more that have hopped aboard our train since I put this post together to keep an eye out for their posts on Thursday! This is a long post as so many people wanted to be involved – which I think is amazing. Make sure you have a cuppa handy! 


Pocket Money Polishes: I have been told I should do my own bio, so here goes nothing. I got into nail art (and nails) after I graduated uni in 2011, I started this blog not really knowing what I was doing in 2012 and since then I have done all sorts. From 30 day challenges, to starting an indie polish line and reviewing headphones. I love that every week for me is different and I am always super inspired by the great nail community! Choosing a promo picture was hard so I let my super fan Mummy Smith do the picking – this is a water spotted mani over China Glaze Sunworshipper that I review for nailpolish.co.uk. Big thank you to all my readers and all the bloggers and IGers that will be joining me for this second AtoZ series. Special thank you to those who are joining having survived doing the first AtoZ!  You can also find me on IG @frostfromfire. 



Vicky Loves Nails: Hi everyone! My name is Vicky and I blog over at Vicky Loves Nails. I first discovered nail art just over two years ago and was immediately obsessed! I started my blog about a year and a half ago and since then my obsession has only grown bigger! I now paint my nails almost everyday and enjoy nothing more than spending hours painting something extravagant onto my nails. Aside from blogging I work full time as an administrator (not very interesting) and spend my days at work dreaming of how to paint my nails next .


Knitty Nails: I  am Debbie from Knitty Nails. As the name suggests my blog is about knitting and nails, two of my favourite pastimes. I’ve been painting my nails for about 3 years, but knitting for a whole lot longer, since I was about 7. I love the combination of painted nails with the woolly textures, and I do like to try and match my manis to my knitwear. Recently I have had a bit more time on my hands and I have been experimenting a little with stamping, gradients and saran wraps and I have just ordered dotting tools and a few nail vinyls. I am really looking forward to testing out these techniques on some of the A2Z challenges, we shall see how I get on.


@GlitterPolisher: Hi! I’m Sam and I’m from a small town in Northern California! I got into nail art recently, within the last 5 years, but I feel like it’s always been something I’ve been attracted to. Lately, I’ve began doing gel nail art and I love it, some people may actually find it easier! Another technique I love is basic stripes and polka dots. Something about the whimsical simplicity appeals to me 🙂 (Sam can be found on instagram @glitterpolisher)


AnnaBean83: Hi there! My name’s Anna and I run AnnaBean’s Nails. I started my blog nearly two years ago, as a way of chronicling what I am wearing on my nails on any given day, and maybe – hopefully – inspiring others along the way. When it comes to nail art, I mainly stick to stamping, with the occasional bit gradient, dotting, or striping tape thrown in – my imagination and skills only go so far Away from nails I have two dogs and two cats, and I enjoy photography and anything to do with nature and wildlife.


Bite No More: I’m Tracey a mum of 4 and soon to be nanny I have always been creative and since I stopped biting my nails, I love painting them, hence the name for my blog ‘Bite no more’Check out more of Tracey’s beautiful long nail designs on Bite No More – she is a water marble master! 


Special Girl Nails: Nail polish obsessed for over two years. Likes include: All of it. All the colours, all the art. All of it. Dislikes include: Naked nails. And watermarbling. You can check out Cazzy’s blog HERE. 


Rainbowyifyme: I am a dedicated Danish nail blogger, and I blog under the name Rainbowify Me. I love everything sparkly and shiny, and am bitten by a mad holo bug! Glitter is my drug, and my motto is that if glitter doesn’t fix it, you’re obviously not using enough glitter.

Bionic Hips & Finger Tips: I’m Verity at Bionic Hip and Finger Tips. My page is named after my love of nail art and my two hip replacements! I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis since I was a little girl so had both hips replaced at 25. I live in a pretty little town in Wales with my boyfriend and our three legged cat, Mr T (he’s ‘special’ – the cat, I mean). My main interests are nail art/polish (obvs), yummy smelling wax and abnormal psychology. I’m currently working towards a degree in criminology and psychology. I’m having a forced year out but it means I have more time to play nails – woop woop! I’m not a fan of normal. I love WEIRD!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy my nails as much a I do! xxx


@HereWasRachel: I’m Rachel, I’m 22 and have just graduated from university. I’m not allowed to wear polish at work so make up for that by doing crazy nail art on my days off. I love neon, glitter placement manis, and tribal designs. This is my first ever nail art challenge, and I’ve got some exciting plans for the prompts! Check out Rachel on her IG: @HereWasRachel. 


PishPoshandPolish: My name is Kerrie and I am a twenety-something English Literature graduate from Hampshire, England. By day I work at Boots, selling health and beauty products.  I live with my boyfriend and our two hamsters Twiglet  and Pepper and newly adopted kitten Bilbo. By this point PishPosh and Polish is three years old and counting, I was never a girly girl and was a late bloomer in the beauty and makeup department. My guilty pleasure is nail polish with over 800 (at the last count) bottles it’s quickly become a obsession! This blog maps my journey from a beauty beauty newbie and along the way expect to find reviews of products I love (and some I don’t), comparisons and my attempts to experiment in my own crazy way.


Varnished Valkyrie: Nkasi or Kas(as she is known on the blogosphere) is a veteran blogger and has been been known to do weird and wacky nails. She’s also a comedian(for real), and has a love for Take That that soars higher than the Burj Khalifa! Check out more of her work here on Varnished Valkyrie. 


Bob Plays With Polish: Aka Roberta Wilko – Lots of stamping manicures! I am learning to stamp, photograph and blog. Prepare to be entertained! Painting my nails is therapeutic for me. My bicycle makes me smile, and I love touring on it (I built it in a shed from old pallets <3). I am a mad cat lady and walk Spike (my ginger ball of fluff) daily on a lead. I am a “trainee architect” currently building a straw bale house. Keep away big bad wolves! More beautiful manis by Bob can be found HERE. 


Break Rules Not Nails: Michelle is an insane nail artist that works with lots of different materials creating looks from fine art to the goriest zombie nails you will ever see. Based in Australia she often keeps me company at weird o’clock in the morning, I love having her as a friend and an art guru. You can see more of Michelle’s work on her blog BreakRulesNotNails. 


@Chazzii95: I’m a level 2 beauty student with a passion for nails and creativity. I’m a keen photographer and a sucker for a nice glitter polish. Check out more on Instagram HERE (not just nails!). 


Kerruticles: Claire Kerr came late to the nail painting party. She is the wrong side of 45, and after realising she was boring her middle-aged friends with her constant nails posts on Facebook, she started her blog, Kerruticles, in November 2012. Claire’s style is clean and simple; she likes zigzags, lines and symmetry best, but will occasionally come up with something more fancy, girly or intricate, often involving stamping.


Nail Art Novice: Hi lovelies, I’m Jenni, although I am mostly known as Nail Art Novice (or N.A.N for short!). I live up in Sheffield and have been doing Nail Art for about two years and blogging since January 2013. I like my nail art to be fun and brightly coloured and sometimes a little bit ridiculous. My favourite colour is green and my favourite finish is holos-green holos are basically amazing.  Can’t wait to be getting down to some nail art in this challenge and seeing what everyone comes up with!

10743513_10154821151120165_420680645_n (1)

Sammy Gail’s Nails: I have always loved nail polish, but my addiction started with a Zoya promo back in January 2011. Zoya is still my favorite brand, and I own more of them than any other brand (over 200). I started my blog this year in July in honor of my Dad who sadly passed away on July 4th. He was always really supportive of my nail polish addiction. Nail art is still a challenge to me, but I love a challenge and can’t wait for this one!


Pretty Quirky: Hi. I’m MO from Pretty Quirky. Like a lot of ladies I got into nail art as a way to stop biting my nails. It fast turned into an obsession and Pretty Quirky was born. I love trying out new things, sometimes successful, sometimes not so much. I still consider myself new to the nail art world. Oh, and I also have a massive obsession with indie polishes too.My blog can be found at www.PrettyQuirky.co.uk/blog and I also post regularly on instagram at instagram.com/prettyquirkyuk .


Penny Pinching Polish: Hello lovely people! I’m Sarah, and I blog over at Penny Pinching Polish. I post mostly nail art, but I do like to mix it up with some swatches/reviews and tutorials now and then too. I do all kinds of nail art, in all sorts of styles, and I’m not afraid to try out new techniques (even if they turn out to be a total disaster!) I hope you all enjoy seeing my mani’s for this challenge Sarah xx


Starfish Nails: My name is Lisa, I’m 32 years old and I have been doing nail art for around 4 years now.  I am 100% self taught with no training, though I do hope to become qualified at some point in the future. I haven’t counted recently, but last year I counted my polishes, and I had a little over 600 individual polishes. My favourite polish has to be “Altered State” by piCture pOlish. My favourite brands are Models Own & Barry M I don’t have a favourite colour, but I am a sucker for rainbows. See more on her blog Starfish Nails. 


NailsbyDawnBuzzNails: Hi! My name is Dawn Buzinski. I’ve been a licensed nail tech for only just over 1 year. I love nail art! Single mom of 2 awesome young men. Instagram.com/nailsbydawnbuzznails


Beautometry:  I enjoy trying different types of nail art; whether stamping, drawing designs, techniques, you name it! I love painting my nails as a form of art and it’s my hobby. I even took the hobby to the next level by creating my own online web-store at beautometry.com where I sell various brands of international nail polish. I’m looking forward to this nail art challenge and all the creativity from everyone.  See more on her blog Beautometry.blogspot.


All Things Beautiful XO – All Things Beautiful XO is a blog written by a military wife, makeup lover, California raised, glitter obsessed gal. You’ll find reviews, giveaways, tutorials, & of course- lots of nail polish!

10744966_10153257010869325_821915281_n (1)

ThePishPoshPolish: I’m Karen, married, mama of 2 boys. I’m new to the blogging world but having a lot of fun so far! I love learning new techniques. You can find me on Instagram @pish.posh.polish or on my blog thepishposhpolish.blogspot.com


Chrissy’s Critiques: I’m a Mom of 3, married. I have a beauty blog and my nail art is pretty simple for now anyway but I just got into stamping and am loving that My website is www.chrissyscritiques.com


StampingQueenBlog: Hola my name is Mar aka @stampingqueenblog and I am from Mexico City, I love doing my nails you can also follow me on Instagram as @stampingqueenblog and my blog is Stamping Queen  I love stamping and gradients and my favorite color is black.

10743584_812437798795607_1620199535_n (1)

K’s Nail Art: My name is Kairi and I’m an university student from Estonia (in Eastern Europe). I decided to pick up nail art sometime before Christmas in 2012. I got to blogging around April 2013. Currently I am based in the UK for my studies. I do get to go home during holidays though. The name K’s NailArt is a no brainer. At the point of creating this blog, I didn’t have any better ideas.


Racho’s Nail Love: Rachael’s not very well this week but I thought I would write a little introduction for her. Very passionate about nails with a great eye for colour and creativity I have followed her blog for quite a long time – I did a mani swap with her not so long ago and it was a lot of fun. It’s great to have another talented UK blogger involved with this challenge and I am excited to see what she comes up with. You can see more of her lovely manicures on her blog Rachel’s Nail Love. 


Alps Nail Art: My name is Alpana, a digital marketing professional passionate about nailart. I started doing nail art as hobby when I was studying in college. Back then I used to do nailart designs just using polishes and household tools. Doing nail art not only refresh my mood and relieve my stress of the day but also I met many new nail art buddies during this journey. It feels great to be in company of these ladies who are as passionate about nail art as me. I like to do creative nail arts, thinking out of the box. Sometimes these concept nails arts may not be practical or every day wear. But I enjoy experimenting and trying crazy ideas. Some of my creative nail arts were featured by Nail It magazine and Salon Fanatic on their website. My Nail art blog is: http://www.alpsnailart.com


Alilacquer: I’m Ana from Alilacquer! I’m a Veterinary Assistant from Eastern NC with a 4 year old, 2 cats and a wonderful boyfriend. I’ve been blogging about nails and makeup for about 2 years now and have continued to hoard nail polish since then! I’m horrible at blogging challenges so I’m looking forward to kicking this challenge in the butt!



14 comments on “A2Z Series: Meet the Bloggers (and IGers)

  1. Claire Kerr
    October 25, 2014

    Ha ha, so I’m the only person to have written mine in the third person – can’t get out of the habit of writing PR biographies, obviously!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      October 25, 2014

      hehe I think someone else did too 😀 I like that they’re all a little bit different 😀

  2. Lisa N.
    October 25, 2014

    Awesome to see who’s participating in this challenge!

  3. Tracey
    October 25, 2014

    Great post, awesome jon Charlie, can’t wait to start this challenge, thanks for having me 🙂 xx

  4. Alpsnailart
    October 25, 2014

    Wow..So many great bloggers here..Thank you for adding me 🙂 You are doing great job Charlie, Really appreciate it. I am very excited to participate in challenge and looking forward to everyone’s nail arts.

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      October 25, 2014

      You are more than welcome! I can’t wait to find some time to have a proper browse through everyones work – so many exciting manis here already. Count down till Thursday underway!

  5. chrissy4gordon24
    October 25, 2014

    Thanks so much for adding me! All of the bloggers work is amazing 🙂

  6. Roberta Wilko
    November 6, 2014

    I am so proud to be a part of this group and to be included on such a lovely post., I’ll do my best to keep up with all of you amazing nail artists in these weekly challenges. Thanks a million, Bob. xxxXXxx

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