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OPI Gone Noble: Swatch and Compare

Yesterday I was in TK Maxx and stumped across a set I had never seen or heard of “OPI Gone Noble” a quick google didn’t bring up a lot of info but I liked the colours so decided to spend the £12.99 and add it to my collection. Further research uncovered that this was a French Sephora Exclusive but since it is now listed on the TK Maxx website and other people seem to have it I thought it would be worth putting together a very quick swatch and compare post for you. I am sorry these are not on real nails but I didn’t have a lot of time this evening and my nails are already painted up with something else. Also the reflective box caused my camera to refuse to focus but better bottle shots later… here is the packaging:


The set is made up of 6 minis (5 colours and 1 topcoat) and a fullsize polish which made this a great deal for the money.




One colour in this box stood out to me straight away as unique: Powder My Wig


This is described on the box as: Looking for a matte, snowy white? Hair You Go. This really is very pretty, it is a shimmery white (think Girls Love Diamonds) that drys to a matte finish with holo graphic silver sparkles – very snowy indeed. I think this is going to look gorgeous layered over colours and should build up to opaque on its own in three coats (shown here in 2 thin coats).

Turns out there was a second unique shade in this collection: Even Royals Get The Blues

OPIGoneNoble10 OPIGoneNoble9

I thought this was going to be exactly like I Don’t Give A Rotterdam but without the sparkle – as you can see it is much more pigmented. The box describes it as: Happiness is yours when you where this porcelain blue. I think my best description is that this is a dusty periwinkle blue but I don’t know… it’s just beautiful and totally unique in my collection, I couldn’t find anything like it even from my other brands. This is the thinnest formula and is shown here in three coats.

The rest of the shades remind me of fall collection classics but I don’t think I actually have any dead on dupes for these shades, just things that are similar. From this point onwards all polishes are two coats.

OpiGoneNoble5 GoneNoble14

Rendezvous in My Boudoir (15ml) is described with the caption: Don’t be late… and don’t forget to wear this romantic red. This is a classic red polish, something OPI does very well so I compared it to the classic Vodka & Caviar. In the bottle they are pretty similar (Rendezvous is on the rightbut there are a couple of differences. The formula on Rendezvous is a classic creme and opaque in two coats (Vodka… is much more of a crelly) and it is also very slightly warmer in tone. Cazzy from Special Girl Nails did a beautiful rose stamped mani using this polish that you can check out HERE.

OPIGoneNoble11 OPIGoneNoble8

Waltz New With You I thought would be a dead on dupe for either Skyfall or Casino Royale when I first saw it in the box however it was much brighter and more purple than Skyfall. As You can see it is different from Casino Royale too but this was the closest OPI I had to this shade. It is described as: This deep burgundy makes our hearts dance! Perfect autumn shade and lovely in two easy coats.

OPIGoneNoble7 OPIGoneNoble13

Sorry for the bottle shot blur but this was the only way I could get it so my camera didn’t make them black. As you can see I Love Baroque and Roll is different from the inky goodness that is, Incognito in Sausalito, it is a very dark true blue with no other undertones; Emma (Imagination in Colour) described it as the blue version if Lincoln Park After Dark which I think is a great description. Gorgeous polish. Perhaps similar to Sapphire in the Snow or something like that? Unfortunately I don’t have anything else to compare with. The box describes it as: This deep, dark blue is rockin’ the palace.

OPIGoneNoble6 OPIGoneNoble12

This I thought for sure was a dupe but even here there is a difference. In the bottle it looks like Fits Me To a Royal-T is going to be darker than Haven’t The Foggiest but in the swatches you can see Foggiest has a deeper tone and the sparkles also seem to be very slightly larger. I LOVE these silver polishes, beautiful. I think you might need 2-3 coats for this on the nail but I haven’t tried. Application on the wheel was very easy though and no frosty brush marks. The box says: It’s like this majestic silver was tailor-made for you. 

Conclusion: I love this royal french themed set – a couple of unique shades and a lot of very good staple colours for all year round. This would make a great gift for OPI fanatics or for people just starting out in the crazy polish world – all colours that are very wearable and loveable. Not one dud to report.


3 comments on “OPI Gone Noble: Swatch and Compare

  1. Lisa N.
    October 31, 2014

    Very helpful to see comparisons of these colors.

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      October 31, 2014

      Thank you 😀 I wished I could have done on the nail but hope these are clear enough 🙂

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