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NYK1: Prep and Shine Review

 Disclosure: This product was sent to me for honest review, none of the links included in this post are sponsored or affiliated. Opinions are entirely my own.


 In addition to the loose glitters. NYK1 Secrets were kind enough to send me a bottle of their Prep&Shine to try out – this really is a product designed to be used with Gel/UV products but it is ccompatiblewith regular nail polish users too. Here is what the NYK1 website says:

  • This is the strongest and fastest Sticky Residue Remover Solution on the market today and of the highest quality. It is also a Universal Dual Nail Cleanser. Cleans, Sanitises and prepares Nails for any UV Gel inc. Nailac, Shellac, Acrylic Nail Extensions or before applying any Nail Polish/ Enamels. Ensures strong hygienic bonding for longer lasting results.
  • Removes ALL Nailac/Shellac/Gel sticky residue leaving a high Gloss Shine to complete your UV Gel Nail Treatments
  • Used for removing mistakes and excess from Nails and Fingers prior to curing. Cleans Nail Art Brushes for French Manicures.
  • 30ml. Suitable for ALL UV/LED Systems.


Being 99.9% alcohol it almost certainly will cleanse all oils from the nail bed in addition to having excellent sanitising properties – you should be aware that like acetone this is going to have a drying affect on your skin and you should only use what you need and follow up with a good quality oil. I applied a little to my nails using a cotton bud before using my basecoat and it definitely didn’t have a negative impact on my manicure life span. My bottle of this has been living in the fridge as I do live in a warm house and being alcohol it will evaporate very quickly in a warm environment so make sure your lid is tightly closed after use.  I do have relatively dry nails so this would perhaps would be more useful to someone with oily nail beds.

In an email about the product from NYK1 Secrets I was advised of another use for it… as a nail polish thinner. Yes, I can hear your gasps from here. Now, I am not going to recommend this as a thinner personally for a couple of reasons: 1) I have only tried it with one product and although it had a positive result I cannot garauntee this for all and any formulas, 2) a nail polish thinner should really be re-adding the lost solvents which as this is alcohol it is not doing. I will say you can try it if you have nothing to lose.


I had a bottle of HK Girl Gloss&Go topcoat, which is my favourite but it was thick and pretty much unworkable so had been resigned to the shelf until I got thinner or another bottle to freshen it. Since it was of no use to me in the condition it was in I added about 5 drops of Prep&Shine and gave it a really good shake; once I had let it settle (to prevent bubbling) I tried it out over a mani and it seemed pretty good. I had the same level of shine and no smearing, plus the formula was thinner and easily applied to the nail. The Prep&Shine is tinted blue and it passed this on  to the topcoat in the bottle although it was not apparent on the nail. As the website suggested this is good for brushes (less destructive than acetone) I have actually used this to clean a makeup brush and that worked pretty well and obviously killed off any germs remaining in the product as well as removing the makeup. Like when using this product with your nails you should definitely follow up the cleansing of brushes with a little bit of oil – I would suggest a dry oil like jojoba and leave your brushes at least a couple of hours before using. I have found this just keeps the brushes well conditioned and jojoba absorbs easily into the skin (and does not break me out) so anything that is left on the brushes will not be interfering with your skin or makeup.

Another use that this might be good for is doing the vodka transfer technique – this should be much more effective as it is a higher concentration of alcohol. Additionally you could put a little in a squirty bottle and use it for the water spotted technique – I don’t see a reason why this wouldn’t work although I have not tried it myself.

NYK1 sells this product in a couple of sizes (30ml and 100ml) and also as part of kits under the accessories section – a 30ml bottle is currently retailing for £5.95 and for me a little has gone a long way so far. Have you tried this product or something simialr? Are you a gel polish user – what do you think?


One comment on “NYK1: Prep and Shine Review

  1. Lisa N.
    November 11, 2014

    Sounds nice. Never tried it before too.

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