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C is for Copycat


For this week I was going to copy a mani BUT then I stumbled across a picture on Etsy (while looking for something else) and was inspired. Now I don’t want any copyright issues so I’ll put a hyperlink HERE so you can see the inspiration. It’s a brightly coloured water coloured abstract skyline design and being a girl who loves her city  I thought it was GORGEOUS. I did think about doing this freehand but to get the blended colours and multi coloured effect I decided I really wanted to sponge my colours. Rather than using tape to mark off sections I took an old postage label and doodled on a skyline – before taking it off the backing I cut out my shapes (this just helps with keeping it rigid and making cutting easier). Having removed some of the sticky with my hand I cut the skyline into sections and placed on my already dry white base.

I hope this is making sense… if you want a picture tutorial give me a shout!


I had a selection of nail polish colours and basically added them one by one using small chunks of sponge until I was happy. As soon as you’re done adding colour remove the labels. Now, you can clean up lines with a little white nail polish if you like (I didn’t so mine are a little undeffined) but I did add my spires with a thin paint brush. Everything was then topcoated for added blend and to even out the nail surface. I love how bright this mani turned out – some of the nails are better than others but I am calling this a good experiment. Now I know it works I can definitely see myself creating more stencils out of postage labels and maybe next time to add more texture I will use a splatter technique too.

What do you think? Could you tell what the mani was? Definitely room for improvement but I like that you can easily do this mani on both hands and you just adjust the size of the buildings to suit your nails. If you have a go at this design please do link me or tag me on IG I would love to see.


Polishes used:

Barrym White (2 coats)
Bondie Lime Light (lime green)
Color Club Fly With Me (Green glass fleck)
OPI Did It on Em (greeny yellow)
OPI Just Groovy (blue)
Nails Inc Blandford Street (Coral)
You Only Live Twice (Redy-pinky glass fleck)

Don’t forget you can check out everyone elses design for this week by clinking the inlinkz frog below and you can see previous weeks by checking out the A2Z Hubpage. We can ALSO be found using #A2ZNails on IG.


6 comments on “C is for Copycat

  1. Lisa N.
    November 13, 2014

    Nice job recreating it and getting inspired by that.

  2. planetzuri
    November 13, 2014

    Good job! Loved your version

  3. Rainbowify Me
    November 13, 2014

    Cool inspiration you found, and your mani looks cool 🙂

  4. MO
    November 16, 2014

    Awesome job. Really like the painting you used as your inspiration too x

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