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MoYou30K: Alice in Wonderland Challenge – Queen of Hearts

Hello! Hope you’re all feeling snazzy today. I am so happy it is Friday. Have you got something nice planned for your weekend? This week has felt really long to  me, not sure why… ANYWAY today I have for you the first of the manis I have done for the latest MoYou London challenge on Instagram. This time around it is taking place over four weeks and each week you post one mani based on the inspirational character they’ve chosen. The first week (last week) was The Queen of Hearts.


I wanted some more room than my nubbins provide to do this challenge and Mummy Smith once again very nicely agreed to be my hand model. I think the visual inspirations for this character are quite straight forward as she has a few very iconic things about her: she plays croquet with flamingos, she orders the roses painted red, she is the Queen of Hearts and she has quite a temper. I recreated the flamingos by stamping the image from the Tropical 05 plate upside down. I also added a small loose glitter heart to the corner.

On the middle finger I did some splatter in OPI Rendezvous in My Boudoir (from the Gone Noble collection) and then free handed the words “Off With Her Head” in Nails Inc New York Noir. I really wanted the writing to look angry and kind of graffiti-ish so thats why its kind of jumbled and un-even.

For the ring finger I stamped on this profile of a queen/princess from Princess 07. I used Konad Black for this as it just really is the best stamping black for crisp, defined and opaque details, I used the smaller end of the Konad stamper to help me see what I was doing for placement. I then free handed the Q and heart using a small brush.

Finally for the pinky I did some swirly roses and then using the fishnet/lattice design from Pro XL 01 I added on these distressed lines to kind of look like a trellis. To achieve this look I over scraped and took out small sections on the stamping head itself. Everything was then topcoated with HK Girl. Oh I forgot to say the base is OPI Alpine Snow, two easy coats.

I always try and push myself with these challenges and really enjoy them (when I am not getting frustrated cause what is in my head hasn’t quite come to fruition on the nail). I have to say, I find stamping much easier on my own nails but would like to thank Mummy Smith for putting up with my huffing and puffing – excellent hand model. I am not sure if I have mentioned but there is a great template sheet that you can download and print off from Black Cat Nails which is really great for mapping out ideas on and practising techniques – I’ve just started using it for these big art manis.

This week the theme was The White Rabbit – if you follow me on instagram you might well have already seen my design. I will be sharing all the details on that next week.


10 comments on “MoYou30K: Alice in Wonderland Challenge – Queen of Hearts

  1. Lisa N.
    November 14, 2014

    These are so cool!

  2. varnishingpoint10
    November 14, 2014

    These look stunning, I can’t believe how detailed they are, thanks for posting

  3. Adorned Claw
    November 16, 2014

    I Love this! 😀

  4. thepolishedrunner
    November 23, 2014

    Really cool. I like this much better than the actual Alice plates

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      November 23, 2014

      I quite like the Alice plate they released with the words on it but at the same time not sure how I would use it. Thank you so much! ❤

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