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Look up to the skies and see….

Now I wasn’t actually planning on doing a mani today and definitely not on posting but having been following the news I felt mad – the treatment of Dr. Matt Taylor in light of his and the Rosetta teams achievement is nothing but media pot stirring. I am not going to rant and rave as I know most of you are not here for that. So to bring it all back to the actual news I decided to do a comet on my nails.

I already had OPI Wharf Wharf on my nails – this is a great navy matte texture polish that came out with the San Francisco collection last year. I added to this using a dry brush technique some gold glitter – I really wanted to keep the texture but add a bit of sparkle. This is the base for my mani:


(This is my cindy hand as  I didn’t think about taking pictures until after I had added my comet on the other hand). I really like this combo. I have to also mention that Wharf! Wharf is really opaque and although the formula is kind of thick… (I don’t really no how to describe it…) it is really easy to work with and if you get any on your cuticles I didn’t experience staining with it which is great. I have had zero problems with wear, I think I’ve had this on my nails for 2-3 days now.  The glitter I used is from La Femme – as I mentioned I just wiped off as much of the base from the brush as possible and then added the glitter.


For my comet I used OPI Haven’t The Foggiest which is possibly my favourite silver, I used a small brush to apply it as I wanted it to have shape and texture rather than be a perfect dotting tool circle. I used OPI Miss You-Niverse to add a little bit of an indigo shadow and then the tail is  OPI Muppet’s World Tour which I think it the the perfect blent of glitter to make up a the ice and dust. No topcoat as I wanted all the texture. Comet3

Sorry about the dry skin – the changable weather has been doing my no favours. I hope you like this small mani and you’re having a great weekend. Congratz to all the scientists who took part in this remarkable feat – now, can you get to work on hover boards for me? I still kind of want to try one. ❤



3 comments on “Look up to the skies and see….

  1. Lisa N.
    November 15, 2014

    Its nice.

  2. Emma
    November 18, 2014

    Love it!! 🙂 🙂 Expecially love the glitter on Wharf 😀 xx

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