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Nail Polish Direct: China Glaze Birthday Haul

So a couple of weeks back NPD did a sale on their china glaze – I think it was 25% off and after a bit of persuasion my lovely Mum agreed I could order some as an early Birthday present. It just made sense to me to order the nail polish when it was discounted rather than wait to nearer to the time and pay more. I only heard about this discount from the newsletter they sent to my inbox which just shows it is worth subscribing to these things; totally unrelated but subscribe to Dorothy Perkins, they seem to permanently have 30% off codes floating around. As these were gifts I really wanted to pick colours that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, not colours I don’t like (obviously)… I am not sure how to explain it but it made sense in my head. ANYWAY, I decided that I was going to get brights – neon brights. With most brands there are a few shades which become “cult” colours and when I think of China Glaze I think of Flip Flop Fantasy pretty much straight away. Having tried Sunworshipper from the same collection not that long ago, I kind of had an idea what to expect when I worked with the formula/how to get the neon formula to work best – cult classics are not always without some problems. I also picked up Yellow Polka Dot Bikini which is the highlighter yellow from the same collection.

CGHaulAs you can see two more colours made it into my basket – having looked at my stash I tried to work out what shades were missing and I decided I needed a bright minty blue and a peach coloured polish. After much googling I settled on Aquadelic and Peachy Keen. Next to the insanity of the neons these look a little dull but believe me they are very gorgeous in their own right.  Now… like a true polish addict there was no way in hell I was going to wait until December to try out these polishes so I thought I’d share with you the two manis I have done so far with them.


Now I understand those of you asking: if you wanted cult classics and minty blue, why didn’t you go for For Audrey? I just preferred Aquadelic in the pictures I saw online and let me just say this is stunning. When I first unwrapped it I thought I had duped myself with another China Glaze polish I have (Bahamian Escape) but next to each other they were totally different colours, this having a lot more green to it. I swatched this up next to my other minty shades and this was more intense in colour so not a dupe at all. This was really easy to work with in two even coats, I didn’t topcoat in the picture which is why you can see my ridgey nails… For the mani above I did alternating accents of OPI Alpine Snow topped with OPI Lets Do Anything We Want – which is an INSANELY gorgeous glitter from the newest Muppets collection. It has rose gold and white small glitters and then larger white squares. YUM. You can see the glitter better in my swatch over Wooden Shoe Like To Know on this post HERE.


Peachy Keen was just gorgeous – I didn’t really want to faff after I put it on so I didn’t. The colour of the bottle is probably closer to the true colour of the polish although it did dry a little darker on the nail. This is most definitely peach and not orange. Why are colours such a pain to photograph? This, like Aquadelic, had a lovely formula and was great in two coats – I found it a flattering and feminine colour. It was just so inoffensive and soft whilst still having some colour to it. This is another polish I have always read and heard a lot about, I am not sure it is up there at cult status but it’s a great polish. There is a comparison post by SwatchandLearn which compares it to Zoya Cole and OPI Where Did Suzi’s Man-go which you can check out HERE (if you’re interested).

Now, I know you wanted to see neons but whilst I have tried them I haven’t actually worn them properly yet. They were next on the list until I visited Emma’s (Imagination in Colour) stash and was loaned NINE polishes to play with. Can I just say this girl is insanely generous – I think she wanted me to borrow half her stash but I limited my choices. Do any of you have a nail friend you swap polishes with? It is so much fun nosing through someone else’s stash and even more awesome when they let you try polishes you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to – I PUT AN ENCHANTED POLISH ON MY THUMB! Sorry the swatch wheel isn’t quite in the same order but it will give you an idea of the marvellous beautiful gloriousness of these borrowed polishes. So, on loan I have:

Butter London Scuppered  (this was the first Butter London I ever saw on a blog and was a bit obsessed, it’s a browny pink shimmery WheelofFortunemix with small green metallic glitter – I know, that sounds weird but it kind of works and is very autumnal. That said, I don’t think I love it as much as I thought I would waay back when I first saw it online).

Butter London Swinger (which I have already tried out and it is a gorgeous olive green metallic micro glitter with brighter green larger metallic glitter which just made me feel like I had money on my nails, American BIG dollars).

China Glaze Water You Waiting For (insane aqua/turquoise and blue super dense glitter mix, totally in love with it in the bottle, cant wait to get on my nails!)

China Glaze High Def (denim blue subtle holo – I seem to have started picking out from her subtle holo collection and this was a lovely blue that I think will look ace with snow flakes and winter designs)

China Glaze Cyber Space (nude brown subtle holo not sure if I am going to let Emma have this one back, it’s just lovely and totally me AND definitely an office appropriate choice, I think I’ll wear this next time I go for a meeting at uni)

China Glaze Galactic Gray (browny grey subtle holo – I was given a choice between this and OPI My Private Jet to borrow and this one won)

China Glaze Strawberry Fields (synthetic strawberry pimk with golden shimmer/sparkle, this is a cult classic and I totally get why. I don’t wear pink a lot but THAT SHIMMER… *drools*)

OPI Miss Piggy’s Big Number (borrowed because Mummy Smith saw Pheobe Moon’s live swatch of this and demanded to know why we didn’t have it… well now you can try it mum!)

OPI Underneath The Mistletoe (from last year’s Mariah Carey collection this polish is just very me and I just needed it’s cranberry sparkly goodness in my life… if only for a short while)

Have you tried any of these polishes? Any ideas what I should do with my neons? Let me know with a comment below!

5 comments on “Nail Polish Direct: China Glaze Birthday Haul

  1. Lisa N.
    November 24, 2014

    Some great colors you picked up! I love shopping when there’s a discount too.

  2. Emma
    November 24, 2014

    Heehee! The holo will get you eventually!!! 😉 xxxx

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