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MoYou30kChallenge: Alice in Wonderland – The White Rabbit

Originally, I was going to do all four weeks of this challenge but I have ended up just doing the first two – Queen of Hearts and the one I am sharing with you today. I ended up having a bit of blogger burn out last week so decided that if the inspiration isn’t there then I probably won’t come up with a mani I like so it was best to leave the challenge with the two I did which I was pretty happy with.


So here is the chosen picture of my White Rabbit manicure. Mummy Smith was an excellent hand model again and this design actually came together pretty quickly – sometimes these things take me 2 hours of faffing and stress but I think this one took about 45 minutes in the end. Now it should be noted I am not the best at doing other peoples nails – I will definitely never be a nail technician! I chose a nude palette for this manicure cause I kind of felt that went with the formal tone around the White Rabbit so I used Dollish Polish Bonnie (from the Bonnie and Clyde Duoas the base colour on the index and pinkie fingers. Barrym Matte White and Nails Inc New York Noir make up the black and white bases respectively of the middle and ring fingers. The white rabbit heads on the pointer come from the Festive 11 Easter Plate which is all about the rabbit images. For the middle finger I added diagonal swipes of Essie Penny Talk the most beautiful copper/rose gold polish and embellished with black half pearls and a clear rhinestone bow to create a little waist coat and bow tie look. Then on the ring finger I stamped a portion of the Mother Nature 14 plate (stamped in Konad white) which I have used a before HERE. Finally I added an image from Kaleidescope 02 (stamped in Konad Black)which had this empty circle space in the middle that I turned into a clock with a gold caviar bead and two little lines.

Don’t forget you can follow me on IG – I do occasionally post things there before they appear here 😀 I am sorry there aren’t more pictures but I just needed one good one for the challenge so didn’t take many. Hope you’re all having a super duper week… I just realised I am turning 25 next week EEEEEP! I was wondering – would you be interested in a post where you get to find out more about me and Steph? I feel like I haven’t realllllyy done a post all about me before. Let me know!


2 comments on “MoYou30kChallenge: Alice in Wonderland – The White Rabbit

  1. Lisa N.
    November 25, 2014

    How pretty! Love that bow.

  2. Catherine Dream
    December 31, 2014

    Aw the bunnies ❤

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